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Elk Loin Stir Fry - Wild Game Recipes

This one is quite simple. All you need is a bunch of different vegetables, some steak (elk loin in this batch's case), Japanese Ud... Read More

Elizabeth Lanier Goes Side by Side for March

In her March column, Elizabeth Lanier shows you gals (and guys) the best way to have fun with a side by side — including some of... Read More

Deer mice, Lyme's disease, and Habitat fragmentation

One thing I've learned over the past 10+ years of being in wildlife science education and research, things are WAY more complicate... Read More

Beretta’s Izumi Project

After five years, Beretta and Japanese engraver Master Izumi Koshiro completed a matching SO6EELL Shotgun and Samurai Dagger. The ... Read More

Wild Game Recipes - Simple Roast (Cut is Key!)

If you haven't whipped up a vegetable and meat roast before, you probably don't have a pulse either. This post is less about a rec... Read More

Golden Eagles and Wind Energy in Appalachia

As a scientist in natural resources, it's not always easy to connect a particular research project with something tangible that re... Read More

See How a Fausti Shotgun is Made

Watch this great 3-minute video that takes you inside the Fausti shotgun factory. On Shotgun Life at Read More

First Antlers of the 2015 Shed Hunting Season

Cabin fever got the best of me, and even though I knew I'd be pushing around a good number of bucks still toting antlers, I went s... Read More

The MeasuPro Digital Cooking Thermometer Review

  The MeasuPro Digital Cooking Thermometer Review© 2015 Brent Reece  As an avid hunter and angler I kill a lot of fresh food ... Read More

All I Want for Christmas Is...

...a llama. Yep, you heard me. I've heard Pete talk about llamas several times and always with the preceding phrase attached - "If... Read More

World Record Whitetail

In many places the whitetail deer hunting seasons are winding down and as any deer hunter wants to know, were there any world clas... Read More

Shot placement on hogs - Arguments against the head shot

This post was initiated by a comment on an old thread by Rick Pasour.  Thanks, Rick, for a great question and a potentially hot t... Read More

Semi-auto Rifles for Hog Hunting

A recent discussion on Jesse's Hunting and Outdoors forums got me thinking about this topic, and I remembered I'd started writing ... Read More

Two-Thirds of Idaho Wolf Carcasses Examined Have Thousands of Hydatid Disease Tapeworms

Editor's Note: This article is republished with permission from its author. It first appeared in "The Outdoorsman" December 2009 E... Read More

New World Record Brown Bear?

*Updated February 11, 2007* For more on this story, including the truth as told by this girl's father, read this story!Here's the ... Read More

To the Anti-Hunter

I received another comment from an anti-hunter yesterday.  It was loaded with filthy language and curses, so I deleted it as I wi... Read More

Porcine Press - NY Considering Ban On Captive Wild Boar

This just in...A little while back, feral hogs were in the news in New York.  The swine have established breeding populations in ... Read More

Handguns for Hog Hunting?

One of the questions I get fairly regularly is, “what kind of handgun should I get for hogs?”I’ve touched on this a time or ... Read More

A few knots you should know

It recently came to my attention that there are a few anglers out there still using the wrong knots. Or they just don't realize ho... Read More

Idaho Woman Attacked By Wolf

*Update* October 12, 2011 - When I first published this article, I was not at liberty to reveal personal information about who the... Read More

Try Using Fladry to Keep Wolves Inside Yellowstone

A reader sent me a snapshot of a Facebook page of someone, who in response to the whining and complaining about gray wolves in Yel... Read More

Autopsy Pretty Much Rules Out Candice Berner's Death Anything But Wolves

Hat tip to reader "jes" for information contained in this article.Perhaps the only question remaining is which wolf or group of wo... Read More

New World Record Brown Bear?

*Updated February 11, 2007* For more on this story, including the truth as told by this girl's father, read this story!Here's the ... Read More

When A Knave Calls Out Knaves

It's quite comical when a person writes an opinion piece, or any piece for that matter, based on anecdotal evidence and hearsay, t... Read More

How To Take Out 15 Wolves With One Shot

*Scroll for an Update*WARNING: This image may cause idolizers of wolves to suddenly hemorrhage and shake uncontrollably.You must c... Read More

Pray, Montana Suffers Massive Wolf Kills On Elk Herd

Robert T. Fanning Jr. is an integral part of Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd. Bob has for years been saying that the ... Read More

Idaho Governor Whines and Signs

Idaho's governor, Butch Otter, signed the wolf emergency bill, H343, but evidently didn't like doing it. This is indicated in a le... Read More

Jim Beers Addresses Action of "Murie Family" For Pulling Award Given to RMEF Because of Wolves

The Missoulian announced yesterday, July 19, 2012, that the Olaus Murie Family was pulling its award given annually to the Rocky M... Read More

The Fairy Tale Land of the Wolf Mysticism

Editor's Note: The following was submitted to me as a guest blog/editorial by Bruce Hemming.The problem with the American people i... Read More

McCain Picks Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. Already Being Called Wolf Killer

Not that I think for a minute Alaska Governor Sarah Palin can't handle herself, having been picked by Senator McCain as a vice-pre... Read More
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