If you have the good fortune of havingĀ one nice rack, or a whole bunch of racks lying around because you cannot afford the taxidermy bill, I have found just what you need!

One of my favorites of this years ATA show was Mountain Mike’s Reproductions, do it yourself European mounting kits. They are simple to use, come in standard white or camo dipped (my favorite!), or you can even paint them to match you wall or decor. Talk about flexible. The other thing that really sets these apart is the mounting bracket which angles your mount so that it better displays your antlers.

Dipped Skulls

Dipped Skulls

Tell you what – these will be on my wall before fall! Check out the video with Mike: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIy_fJo8Puc

To see what else Mountain Mike’s has to offer for 2011, check out their website at: www.masterofskulls.com

Remember my friends; Aim Small – Miss Small!