Gold Medalist Liz Galusha at the Houston Senior Games

This past June, my wife Glenis and I competed at the National Senior Olympics in Houston, Texas in archery. While we were there we had the pleasure of renewing an acquaintance from 5 years previous at the Senior Games in Pittsburg. In Pittsburg, both Glenis and I won Silver medals. The wonderful lady that won the Gold Medal, both in Pittsburg and in Houston is who this blog is about – Liz Galusha.

During and after the tournament I had time for some to talk with Liz and find out some of the secrets to her success. Let me be perfectly clear – Liz did not just win the open class in her age group, she set a new national record! I mean to tell you, Liz knocked it out of the park to use a baseball analogy. If Liz would have been competing with the same age group of men, she would have tied for the Gold there too!

Liz started shooting in 1977, and has had many victories along the way. Her most memorable was winning the NFAA World Championship in a shoot out with (now Pro) Sally Robie at Watkins Glen.

So what sets Liz apart? How does she shoot so consistently? When I asked Liz to boil down her keys to success she said,”I block out everything – I am totally focused”. How did Liz develop that zen like focus? She said her coach helped her. That is where the other half of this picture comes into view, Liz’s husband Chuck Galusha. At this point I need to point out that Chuck also won the Gold Medal in his division as well. Chuck is a great guy and willing shared that what has helped him progress. Chuck said that his big 3 keys are; form, consistency and his shot sequence.

What was really nice about both Liz and Chuck Galusha is that they are pleasant, down to earth people. They are willing to share what they know, and they are great ambassadors for the sport of archery. Glenis and I are pleased to have renewed our acquantances and friendship with Liz and Chuck. If you run into the Galusha’s at a tournament, you might want to watch and learn. Go up and say Hello, they are great shots and even better people.

Until next time my friends – Aim Small, Miss Small!