Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff


I am firmly endorsing Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff for House District 47. I have gotten to know here pretty well in the last few months and she is a true blue Conservative fireball! I met Clarice at a meet and greet event in Canon City and was instantly drawn to her friendly welcoming manner. Clarice was very adept at promoting her ideas and views and immediately created a positive relationship with  the crowd.

I have watched Clarice in several settings and she always listens carefully to the views of others while inserting well thought out and clear answers to questions. She has a very close supportive family and the support of many leaders in the community.

Q.  Please tell me about yourself, your family, hobbies and your background.

A. I was raised in Las Animas, CO and raised by a single mom who worked hard to ensure I was taken care of,  and well educated.  She also taught me about the value of a dollar.

I attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and worked hard to get myself through school (I’m still paying on those student loans), and I am so happy that I stuck with it.  An education is critical.

My career has taken me in some very interesting directions:

  • Business and Technology Educator for the Colorado Department of Corrections (Contracted through Otero Junior College)
  • Business and Technology Educator for Las Animas School District
  • United States Department of Agriculture – Loan Advisor and Community Outreach (Covered 8 Counties)
  • Rental Business – Real Estate (Family Owned)
  • Congressional Aide – Congressman Scott Tipton (Present)
  • Conservative Activist
  • Mom (First and Foremost)

I’m married to Jace Ratzlaff, and I have two children.  Nina is 10 and Jorji is 5.  I absolutely love to scrapbook, I attempt to play golf and every summer comes with adequate time spent on Pueblo Reservoir with friends and family.  My husband and I love trying new places to eat…a cold beer and some Mexican food suits us just fine!

Q. What made you get into politics and what jobs have you had in the political arena?

A. I have been actively involved in politics for the last decade.  Being an activist does not mean that you are always screaming the loudest, to me it means you are out there doing the work!  I have served as a Precinct Committee Person, fundraiser, County Campaign Chair (MANY CANDIDATES) and I work every day to share why, as a tax payer, we deserve to spend the money we earn as we see fit.  I know that I care for my checkbook differently than a politician does.

I have also served on City Council, my children’s daycare advisory board, the Chamber of Commerce and I was appointed by Chief Justice Mullarkey to the 16th Judicial Review Committee.  My husband and I have always been inspired to serve.  We often joke about having the hearts of servants…and I think we truly do.  We always want to leave something better than we found it, and try and do that when the opportunity presents itself.

Q. Tell me of one  inspiring political person from the past or any other person that you want to mention.

A. I am inspired by women who serve in elective office that have come from humble beginnings.  They really get the fiscal issues, and I’m always amazed when they approach legislation with the heart and mind of a mother.  They know how important it is to raise children that will be positive members of society.

Keith Swerdfeger, Bob Schaffer, Bob Beauprez and several other men inspire me as well.  I believe in less government.  Elected officials willing to stand up and back those principles up with votes inspire me.

Q. What do you hope to accomplish while in office?

A. Growing up in a small rural community in Southeast, CO with a mom who raised two daughters on her own was profound.  Hard work, integrity and honesty are important, but all too often forgotten about.  Instead of giving people handouts we need to be giving them a “hand up”…I’m so tired of the mindset of political figures that feel the Government holds all of the answers to every problem.  Yes, there are things that the Government needs to do, but we also need to remember that an AMERICAN DREAM can’t be provided by the government!  People need to have personal accountability.

I hope to bring those guiding principles and ideas to the Colorado State House of Representatives.  I believe that my philosophies will be beneficial to the rural communities that I will serve.  Government needs to get out of the way of our JOB CREATORS (Small Businesses), we need to relieve unnecessary burdens on them so that they feel comfortable to grow and expand; thus creating more jobs.  People are hurting right now, and the Government is not always the answer to the problems we are facing.  Don’t get me wrong…Government isn’t bad, but it can do more harm than good.

Our rural communities need assurance that jobs are available, our children need an appropriate education and opportunities, we have to protect private property rights, and we need to invest in solutions to our water issues.

To summarize everything above, I want to be a strong voice in Denver for Fremont, Otero and Pueblo Counties.  Serving the constituents, and taking a common sense approach to legislation will always outweigh and outnumber the quantity of bills that I could potentially pass.

Q. How do you plan to accomplish it?

A. I’m a relationship builder, and I hope to work across the aisle as often as possible.  I won’t compromise my principles or values, but I know that it takes both sides to do the right thing for the communities that I will represent.  There will be plenty of moments in which I will have to agree to disagree on legislation, but my ego is not so large that when there are opportunities to work together…I will make it happen.

Q. What are your Second Amendment views

I am a proud member of the NRA, I carry a concealed weapon and I love to shoot.  LEAVE MY GUNS AND MY SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS ALONE!  There are more important issues on the hearts and minds of the people of House District 47…let’s get to those first.  After we have taken care of unemployment I can then explain the Constitution of the United States of America to the opposing side of the Second Amendment.

Q. What do you feel is the biggest problem facing your district?

A. Jobs, the economy, rural development, education k-12, water, and agriculture.

Q. What do you want to leave as your legacy from this job?

A.I want to be known as someone who WORKED HARD to do what was right for the constituents of House District 47.  If I had to be known for anything else I would probably pick education.  Teachers need to be able to teach!  Students need to have respect and discipline!  An education does not mean we hold all accountability to a single test!  Parents need to support their children and the teachers!  It’s a back to basics message!  I will say that I’m not a “single issue” candidate though.

Q. Future aspirations?

A. I want my kids to respect what I’m trying to do for them and everyone else in House District 47.  I’m not sure what trajectory this sets me on, but I’ll know it when I see it!  I have a firm belief that if you take care of the position you are in the next position will present itself.

Please take a good solid look at Clarice Navarro-Ratzlaff for your BEST HD 47 Candidate.  You will be glad you did! Check out her website!