Interview with Ruth Cusack, Winner of Prestigous 2012 Prois Award!!
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Each year Prois Hunting Apparel hosts a contest searching for women hunters who are great role models and who are serious about what they do. The Prois name is synonymous with serious hard core outdoor women who understand hunting and conservation and who pass this legacy on to other women and the youth in their world. The Prois Award is a coveted and highly respected award in the outdoor industry. The woman who wins this award is at the top of her hunting game but also is a lady who embodies class and dignity in the outdoors.
The recipient of the 2012 Prois Award winner will enjoy a five day, two species hunt of a lifetime in Namibia. An unrivaled gear package from the following sponsors also is given to the Prois Award recipient.
The 2012 Prois Award recipient is Ruth Cusack, from Alaska. She won this award over many big names in the industry and is  proud to introduce her to  you all!

Ruth Cusack, Winner of Prois Award!

Hi, Ruth, Congratulations on your win. As a Prois Pro-Staff member I have been closely following this contest from the start. I believe you will be a great Prois ambassador but also a fantastic lady to watch in the industry!
Please tell me a bit about yourself…
“I am an Iowa girl now living the Alaska dream.  On my first trip to Alaska to visit my future husband Louis, the sheer beauty of Alaska stole my heart and captured my imagination. I knew that the adventures I was about to journey on were beyond words. After frequent visits on hunting and fishing excursions, I finally moved to Alaska in 2007.  We thoroughly enjoy and thrive in all aspects of the outdoors.  We do everything from remote wilderness hunting, halibut and salmon fishing, snow machining and 4-wheeling, to hiking and white water rafting.  We also enjoy spending quality time with our family of 3 sons, a daughter and grandson.”
My core value is deeply embedded in helping those in need. Beans Café (the local soup kitchen) gives us a great opportunity to share our good fortune. We donate wild game, seafood, warm clothing and our time to them several times a year. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing our harvest directly to those who really need and truly appreciate it. I support the Annual Armed Services Combat Fishing Tournament in Seward, Alaska. I contribute to The Alaska Healing Hearts and I am eager to work with others in our community to begin a women’s chapter.

Ruth and Louis Cusack

Why did you enter the Prois Award Contest?
He double dared me! I was apprehensive to place myself beside these great ladies in the industry. I knew I could offer a positive message of hard work and determination. I felt that I could influence other ladies to get out and try it without worrying about success or failure! So at the last minute, I finally submitted my entry. I believed that I could be a positive role model for women hunters. I believed that ladies could represent the industry with grace and confidence. Too many ladies think that a sexy picture holding a bow gets them attention. I’m sure it does but, I do not think this behavior does anything to support women in a respectable manor!”
 What do you think of the other contestants?
There are so many amazing women out there. I couldn’t believe that I made it into the top 12.  My competition was made of women who are very respectable, high quality and impressive huntresses who were extremely worthy in their own right. There were some high profile names on there that I felt as though I didn’t have a chance against. I received a lot of encouragement from my friends that helped me work through my doubts. They reminded me that Alaska girls poop in the woods and win the Iditarod! 
What does it mean to you to represent other women hunters?
At the risk of repeating myself:  I knew I could offer a positive message of hard work and determination. I felt that I could influence other ladies to get out and try it without worrying about success or failure! I believed that ladies could represent the industry with grace and confidence. Too many ladies think that a sexy picture holding a bow gets them attention. I’m sure it does but I do not think this behavior does anything to support women in a respectable manor!
Biggest hunting accomplishment so far?
I have killed plenty of whitetail and small game. I really, really had my heart set on taking a moose. I wanted to be the one to fill the freezer and put the meat on the table. The first year I went on the annual moose hunt with my husband, the second day out, we were on top of a hill we call Wolf Point. My husband called in a respectable bull moose, but it was early in the hunt and we passed for a better bull. Well needless to say, the earth moon and stars did not line up that year and I went home empty handed but determined to return the following year to fulfill my dream of harvesting a moose. The following year, I decided that I was just going to not try so hard and enjoy my time in the wilderness.  
On day 7 of our 15 day hunt, I decided that I was going to stay in camp for some “me” time while the guys spotted from the top of Wolf Point. I could hear Louis’ moose call from over a mile away and then I heard a bull grunt on the gravel bar just outside of camp. Still in my camp slippers, I jumped up, grabbed my rifle and hauled butt out to the river. I dropped down as soon as I saw the bull, set myself up and took the shot. Boom!!! One shot into his shoulder and it was back strap for dinner at Moose Camp City!!! I could hear the guys hooting and hollering on Wolf Point because they could see the whole thing. I was very proud of myself that day.
What do you want other women to know, whether they are hunters or not?
To all the ladies out there, do not believe others when they tell you that you are not capable of following your dreams. Be headstrong and determined to follow your goals and fulfill your dreams. Life is too short to stay on the sidelines always cheering on others. Stay true to yourself.

Great gobbler!

What do you want to teach future generations about hunting?
Hunting is built on family, tradition and conservation. Early American’s needed to hunt to feed their families and to survive. A hunter’s return with fresh meat for the table was a celebration of life taken and life given. Great respect was bestowed both on the animal that gave its flesh to the family and the hunter that successfully fed their family and in many cases their community. Today although not as necessary, that hunting tradition carries on through the generations. Many families have carried this tradition on for hundreds of years, to be known as the hunter in my family is to be known as a person that is respected by family and community. Today as always in my family we hunt for our family and we hunt to feed those less fortunate than ourselves.
I believe in promoting wildlife conservation and protecting our natural resources. I believe in educating our youth and giving them hands on experience in the outdoors. I also believe that I have the God given right to bear arms and to responsibly hunt and harvest meat for my family. This is why I am a member and strong supporter of The Safari Club International.
 What excites you the most about winning the Prois Award?
Sure, being a positive role model for women is great. But… Heck Yea!! I’m way excited about going to Africa. I keep hearing Disney the Lion Kings Soundtrack playing in my head. Woo Hoo! I can’t wait to experience this truly amazing adventure!
What was your first reaction to winning?
“Oh crap I have to get up in front of a bunch of people and say something!”  Wow, I still can’t believe it.  I was so excited and happy that all of the hard work and determination paid off.
 How did you learn to hunt and who was your biggest inspiration?
I’ve always loved the outdoors.  I enjoyed hunting whitetail and small game before I met my husband Louis. I used to hunt mainly on luck and was somewhat successful. I really never learned truly how to hunt until I started hunting with Louis He has virtually done it all and he is unstoppable. He has reached a point where he enjoys helping others to be successful more than taking an animal for himself. He is absolutely my inspiration and one heck of a packer too!
Favorite animal to hunt and how?
Moose on our annual moose hunt. It’s 15 days of remote wilderness hunting in one of Alaska’s premiere moose and caribou hunting areas. It’s on a river North of the Arctic Circle. It’s raw; it’s rugged and 100 miles from the nearest road. If you don’t bring it, you don’t have it and if something goes wrong, it’s all on you.  Each year I can’t wait to break out my little 7mm magnum and do it all over again.
So you can all see why Ruth won the Prois Award. She is an amazing gal and a true asset to the outdoor world!  Ruth will be presented with her award at the SHOT Show in January. Watch for her hunting photos and the story of her adventure later this year in Africa!


Introducing the 2012 Prois Award Recipient.. RUTH CUSACK!
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Readers, This is a HUGE deal. All of the ladies  in the Prois Award contest are NOT pretend huntresses. They are major contributors to the hunting world and are serious about representing the hunting community in a positive way, as ladies…Congratulations Ruth! AV

A very hearty congratulations to your new 2012 Prois Award Recipient..RUTH CUSACK! We have absolutely no doubt that Ruth will be a great representative for Prois and the women in the hunting industry! She is amazing!! Congratulations, Ruth!

Each and every contestant in this award is quite simply amazing in their own rights and we want to congratulate each of them for making it to the top 12. We also have to say that we are so proud of the grace and dignity with which each of these ladies has conducted themselves during this contest. They are all amazing and we are humbled to have learned more about each of them.

This is the second year Prois Hunting Apparel for Women has held the prestigious Prois Award, which was created to honor the amazing huntresses out there who also commit their time and efforts to conservation, management and community education.  This year, over 80 entries were submitted and the top 12 finalists were chosen by our elite panel of judges who include Ron Spomer, Diana Rupp, Guy Eastman, Julie Golob, Craig Boddington, Tracy Barnes, Jim Zumbo, Lanny Barnes and Kirstie Pike.  The top 12 finalists worked furiously to obtain online votes and the online voting ceased at midnight December 16th.  At that time, Prois added the cumulative judge scores to the online scores to determine the winner.

Ruth will win an amazing prize package including a 2 species hunt in Namibia with Mogwadiri Hunting Safaris, gear package from Prois Hunting Apparel for Women, firearm by Weatherby, Heartbreaker Bow from Bowtech, bow rest from Rip Cord, Optics by Swarovski, knives from Buck Knives,  arrows/broadheads/logowear from Shoot Like A Girl, scent-free products by Her Camo Shop, customized journal by Hunter Hills Journals,  shooting sticks from BOG,  European mount racks from Skullhooker,  boots from Zamberlan and high altitude drinks from Acli-Mate!  Whew.

Ruth will also be flown out to attend the 2013 SHOT Show press conference which will introduce her to the industry media.

Kirstie Pike, CEO
Prois Hunting and Field Apparel for Women
28001B US Highway 50
Gunnison, CO   81230
Phone:  (970) 641-3355
Fax:  (970) 641-4400

Keep Up With the World of Prois…
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Prois Womens Hunting Apparel~ Sisterhood, Incredible Products and well… a ton of fun!
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Prois Hunting Apparel for Women is celebrating their 5th year in business with record breaking achievement and a huge customer and fan following.  When I first met Kirstie Pike CEO, Prois was a fledgling company experiencing normal growing pains. After talking to Kirstie and reviewing her products I realised that Prois was the future of the womens hunting apparel and I was right.

Drowning in a sea of mens hunting apparel; women hunters were frustrated with trying to wear ill fitting men’s clothing. There were a couple of other companies but the quality of Prois FAR out shined them

The Prois Facebook page is full of hilarity and fun with a quirky and sassy bunch of regular contributors but also shows the legion of admirers that grows daily. The furry mascot, a bunny named “Bun-Bun” is featured and posts about his antics add to the fun.

Over 30 Field and Pro-Staffers proudly wear the “Prois P” not only while hunting but also at any other outdoor function where they can show off the fantastic product line.  “Prois was there!” is a common shout out on the Facebook and Twitter pages along with pictures showing ladies wearing Prois in many different settings.

The Prois “sisterhood” grows daily but Prois has many male admirers as well. This year showcased the first ever “Men of Prois” contest. Several men vied for the title and all were asked to model some Prois wear at the Professional Outdoor Media Association conference. It was hilarious but also had a serious note…well not really…it was just funny as heck.

A comment made during the contest was how women have had to wear ill fitting hunting clothes until now and that it was interesting to see the men attempt to wear clothing that clearly didn’t fit them for a change.


Great sport, Roy Hill posing for his Mr. Prois photo!


Seriously Folks

When you get to the actual Prois product line though, that is where things get serious…very serious. They are created for women who are dedicated and who represent the very best of the hunting and shooting world. The ladies who represent Prois are not the ones headed to the swamp in a bikini for a silly photo shoot. They are respected throughout the hunting/shooting world for being genuine and determined hunters.

The clothing in the Prois line are well thought out and made from the highest quality materials. Each piece is subject to rigorous testing with much attention to detail and functionality.  The fabrics are researched and found to be some of the most desirable for athletes and outdoorsmen and women for all outdoor pursuits.

Some of my favorite Prois items are:

Prois Sherpa Jacket:  This is a cozy and comfy jacket that I wear all through the fall and winter months. I layer it when the snow is flying but can just throw it on over a turtleneck for a fall turkey hunt or quick trip to the grocery store. The Sherpa jacket is made from 100% polyester Sherpa Fleece to ensure warmth and fabric silence. A nylon tricot liner throughout the garment helps when layering and ease of movement.  Prois’ signature scapular pockets hold activated heat packs between the shoulder blades for those chilly days. There is a handy lumbar compartment across the lower back for more heat packs across the hips. I really appreciate the tapered wrist cuffs with thumb holes to help with warmth, concealment and ease of movement especially when bow hunting because they don’t get in the way of my bow strings when shooting.

Eliminator Rain Jacket:

This is one of my absolute favorite Prois products! I wore my Eliminator Rain Jacket the entire time I was in South Africa this year. Since I could only pack one jacket I wanted to be sure I could stay dry in the South African winter. I was very comfortable layering from early morning when temperatures were in the low 30′s through the day where they rose to the 60′s and back into the late night. I never was wet and the drop flap in the back aided me when I was sitting in tall wet grass. I LOVE this jacket! While you are checking out the jacket, be sure to grab some Eliminator Rain Pants as well!

Prois Eliminator Rain gear kept me warm and comfortable every day during my South African hunt!



High Plains Brush Pants: 

The High Plains Brush Pants are fabulous for walking through brush while hunting pheasants and any upland game birds. The pants have a tough cotton/poly base and heavy-duty Cordura facings, these pants will provide the comfort and protection you need to move through any upland cover.

Thinking I would be walking in high thorn areas in So. Africa I took a pair with me. I was very comfortable with the pants and the color was great in the tall winter grass, but I don’t recommend them for bow hunting in South Africa as they are a bit noisy in the brush. If you are taking them on your next safari for thorn protection and rifle hunting from a stand they are perfect.

Prois Ultra Shirts: 

I love, love these shirts! I pack all of mine every time I go hunting. They are perfect for layering and fit well. The Prois Ultra shirts are super soft but made out of the Prois signature polyester birdseye wicking fabric to create an athletic, breathable shirt. I usually begin layering with the Próis Ultra Short Sleeve Shirt, then follow up with a longer sleeved version and then a Prois jacket or Sherpa vest depending on how cool it is and how much walking I am going to be doing.

Prois Cap:

This is the BEST cap! There are several different colors to choose from and is one of the first things I pack for any hunting or shooting event. It fits and proudly shows off the Prois P! I was wearing my favorite one in South Africa July. I consider my Prois caps to be my lucky hunting hats!


Prois was there! My lucky Prois cap and my Ultra Hoodie when I shot my gemsbuck!



If you are looking for the very best in women’s hunting clothing you will find NO better than Prois. If you are looking for a great bunch of ladies to share your stories with and have a great laugh, check out their Facebook Page and join the fun…but beware of random gnomes and Flaming Cheetos!



Prois Ultra Backcountry Shirt and Fitted Pants-NICE!
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COLUMBUS, Georgia– The Prois Ultra Backcountry Shirt, available in a variety of Realtree ® patterns, is designed for women hunters who want a tough shirt with functional storage. The Prois Ultra Backcountry Shirt is constructed from Prois’s signature 100% polyester birdseye fabric, which wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool when it is hot and warm when it is cool. The neck zipper allows venting in warm weather. What sets the Backcountry apart from the pack? The Ultra Backcountry Shirt features a unique and convenient three-compartment lumbar pocket system, which is perfect for holding calls, gloves, hand warmers and other hunting necessities. The ultra Backcountry provides maximum function for the hunter on the move.

The Prois Ultra Fitted Pants are designed with 100% polyester brushed tricot 380 Gm fabric, which boasts the four “S’s”: soft, sturdy, silent and snag-resistant. Fitted just below the natural waist for a form fitting and functional feel, the Ultra Fitted Pants are designed to allow more room through the hips and thighs to enhance comfort and function. The pants feature large cargo pockets with magnetic closures for silence, a boot cut fit, elasticized cuffing and cordlock to cinch cuff closer to the boot during the hunt. Knee pleats enhance movement and comfort while sitting, squatting or stalking.

Dodd Clifton
Phone: (800) 992-9968

BIG ATA NEWS for Prois and Bowtech!!!
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Andrea Fisher Named as 2011 PROIS AWARD RECIPIENT!
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