zumbobear.jpgWe ran a poll this past week asking our readers how they felt about the Jim Zumbo incident. Apparently it is 50/50 on whether they felt Zumbo should have been fired from Outdoor Life. 182 people voted and here were the results:

Should Jim Zumbo have been fired from Outdoor Life because of his statements made at his blog?

No way: 50% (91)
Absolutely – He is a disgrace: 26% (48)
Yes I think so: 15% (27)
I am not sure: 9% (16)

Total Votes : 182

It shows that even though some people (26%) felt Zumbo was a disgrace, there were others (15%) who didn’t think he was a disgrace but still felt he should have been fired. Interesting results.

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Please take the time to vote on our next poll located in the sidebar off to the left near the top of the blog. The question is”

Do you think the use of ‘military style’ weapons hurts the image of hunters?

Steve Remington

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