One letter writer at can’t be taken too seriously in making the following suggestions on how to curb violence in Philadelphia.

1. Set up a “watchdog vigilante group” in each neighborhood. It will have a very positive effect.

2. Adopt a gun-collecting group to gather up as many guns as they can, put them on a barge on the Delaware River and sail them out to build a reef of guns. This idea is taken from Lynyrd Skynyrd’s song “Saturday Night Special”: “Why don’t we gather up all the guns and drop them to the bottom of the sea, after all, we may end up shooting either you or me.”

3. Raise the gun registration and licensing fee to $200 a gun and impose an even bigger fine on any gun not registered or in the hands of a minor or a criminal. The Bill of Rights gives U.S. citizens the “right to bear arms,” so guns cannot legally be eliminated from society, but we can control the number and kind of guns are that may be owned.

Illegal guns should be confiscated, starting now. We simply cannot wait for the new mayor and beefed-up police patrols.

4. Set up a network of after-school programs with recreational activities and a youth center where children can go for companionship and counseling.

They show their clear understanding of the Second Amendment by saying that people have the right to bear arms but that doesn’t mean he can’t control how many and what kind of guns people own. I wonder if he applies that same logic to all the other rights guaranteed us?

Tom Remington