Scales of JusticeNow that the United States Supreme Court has decided to rule on the Washington, D.C. gun ban case, the debate is heating up. As I find articles, opinions and editorials that I think readers would be interested in reading, I will grab and insert a piece from such an article, post it here and give you a link to where you can read the entire piece. I have done this already with previous articles. I would suggest that you find the link in the “categories” to the right for “Guns and Gun Rights”. From there you can pick and chose the ones you want.

Today’s opinion piece is from the editor of the Hartford Courant (Connecticut). Here’s an excerpt in reference to the U.S. District Court of Appeals ruling on the D.C. gun ban.

We think that ruling is a distortion of the Second Amendment. Also, that it reflects the twisted interpretation of the Constitution popularized by the gun lobby, one whose consequences are tragically manifested by the gun-related violence in this country every day.

By bringing a dispassionate grasp of the Second Amendment to this issue, the Supreme Court could help stem the tide of violence.

As you can see, the editor believes that because some of us believe that the Second Amendment “clearly” grants individuals the right to keep and bear arms, that this is a “twisted interpretation” and just as twisted as the editor’s thinking is that he blames the gun lobby for the “tide of violence”.

Nothing new here.

Tom Remington