Blaine CardilliHere’s one story you seldom hear about. Maine hunter and outdoor writer, Blaine Cardilli – a contributing writer for U.S. Hunting Today – was recently attacked by a coyote while turkey hunting with a friend.

Cardilli was turkey hunting with friend Orrin Parker. The two were fully camouflaged and set up for turkey hunting. Cardilli was using a slate call to call in gobblers for his friend when he was hit hard from the backside and toward his left by a full grown adult coyote. Cardilli thinks the coyote had been stalking his slate calls and picked up on his movements while calling.

The coyote hit hard and quick. Cardilli described it to me this way.

The coyote launched itself with enough force to knock me over, the impact of which even knocked out a filling! The coyote bit through 3 layers of my shirts and left puncture wounds and a few teeth scratchings on my arm but it got away.

Bite Marks From Coyote Attack
Parker whirled around in response to the attack in time to witness the coyote making rapid retreat into the dense forest.

Cardilli says he learned a valuable lesson when calling turkeys and plans to keep a closer eye out for stalking coyotes.

There is one other tragedy with this story. I talked further with Blaine and discovered that he is undergoing rabies treatment, the cost of which is around $1,600 – $2,000. He has no insurance and can’t afford to continue the treatments which could be a big risk. If anyone is so inclined to help Blaine out, please email me and I will put you in touch with Blaine.

Tom Remington