Whether intentional or not, we shouldn’t mislead people about animal behavior. I remember the famous words from a lady who told me her dog wouldn’t harm a flea as I entered her living room, behind her, and was immediately attacked by her dog. Kind of a rare thing but it can and does happen. The same is true for many species of animals. An animal is an animal and that means every single one of them are unpredictable.

I read today about a small town in the Northwest Territories of Canada that was being spooked by a wolf or wolves that seemed to want to hang out in and around the village. This wolf was smart, not that wolves are stupid, but this particular wolf learned how to hide under and behind objects on people’s property and ambush, in this case pets, when they went outside.

The wolf finally met his match and was killed by a resident after the wolf attacked his dog.

Near the end of the article though, we find this statement.

Hordal [wildlife authority] said a wolf is not in the same category as a bear when it comes to being a danger to people.

“There have been very few documented cases where a wolf has done anything to a person,” he said. “They’re more of a danger to pets.”

In the context of the article it appears the officer is saying that a bear is more of a danger to humans than a wolf. I’m not sure I can agree with that and it’s too bad this guy didn’t better qualify his statement.

Dr. Valerius Geist tells us when wolves become a danger to people and this story certainly fits his description to a “T”. It would appear from this account that this wolf, obviously discovering that humans were of little danger to him, learned how to hunt humans or at least the pets that humans have probably because they were easier targets.

Also take notice of the second part of the statement I highlighted above. “There have been very few documented cases where a wolf has done anything to a person,“. Again in need of better clarification as to what is meant by “done anything”.

There is little need to hide behind statements such as this. A wolf is a wolf and they are around. It certainly is of little benefit to try to convince people that wolves are less dangerous than a bear or that they only want to get your pets and that wolves haven’t really “done anything” to humans.

Tom Remington