This is indecent to say the least and it happen in the great police state of Massachusetts. Keni Garcia, who recently moved from New Hampshire to Massachusetts, was arrested and held without bail because he had 30,000 round of ammunition – .38 caliber, 9mm and .22 caliber. He also owns those guns.

Garcia, from the Dominican Republic and scheduled to become a U.S. citizen yesterday, was arrested while driving his car yesterday. Police found 10,000 rounds of ammo in his car. After searching his home, police confiscated another 20,000 rounds of ammo, one .38-caliber and two 9 mm handguns, and $25,000 in cash.

So, where’s the crime? Garcia says the ammo is for target shooting. Police say that’s unrealistic. Is it? I don’t think it is and even if it is “unrealistic”, what’s the crime? Is it a crime to possess “too much” ammunition?

Police wonder if he isn’t selling the ammo back to people in his home country. Is he? Is that against the law? If it is prove it BEFORE you arrest someone and hold them without bail.

If police are going to begin arresting people for having 30,000 rounds of ammunition on hand, I have a feeling they could be busy. With the recent run on guns and ammunition, I suspect there’s a fair amount of stockpiling going on.

Have we really become a nation of lawlessness, where rights and the U.S. Constitution are disregarded? If this guy’s a crook, then do the investigation and then arrest him once you have proof. Because some police department thinks 30,000 rounds of ammo is “too much”, isn’t reason to arrest someone.

Tom Remington