Hat tip to reader Steve for the news tip.

Two researchers in the high Arctic studying moss exposed by retreating glaciers, had to pull up camp and beat feet out of their area because of aggressive wolf behavior. What prompted the aggression wasn’t their fault it appears.

A bush pilot flew in some supplies for an upcoming tourist hike through the area. Normally the food is stored in an underground cache but things got confusing and the pilot left the supplies, which included a couple boxes of bacon and sausages on a trail not too far from the researcher’s camp.

The wolves found the food and gorged themselves on it.

While this is all unnecessary and unfortunate, there is something the researcher said that was printed in the news article of Canada.com.

“They kept circling,” said La Farge. “It was just so unlike their previous behaviour. (emphasis added)

This is what probably most people don’t understand about wolves. Their behavior is not always that predictable if you don’t understand it. If you read what some scientists are saying about wolf behavior, we find that once you are willing to recognize it, you see it is predictable. There is a series of steps a wolf will undertake long before they might attack a human being. Because we’re not willing to believe that to be true, most people never see it coming. Dr. Valerius Geist explains it thoroughly here.

Tom Remington