Forget, if you can for a moment, whether Obamacare will save money or provide cheaper insurance premiums, better or worse quality of care or that the passage of this bill will finish off the U.S. economy. The biggest thing that’s wrong with Obamacare is that it is a government run program being forced on the American people. The government can’t run the Postal Service, it has failed miserably with Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid and nearly every single program the United States Government has gotten its hands on has failed and yet somehow a handful of Marxists/Pelosiists are trying to convince us it will be alright. Attached also to Obamacare is a provision that allows the Federal Government to now control student loans. What could possibly go wrong? You want choice in education? It isn’t going to happen now.

But again, this is only part of the problem. The other is that with one more social program meted out by government authority equates to another long list of lost liberties and the imposition of requirements forced on us as unwilling participants.

Here is one example, of which I’m guessing the vast majority of Americans had no idea was contained in Obamacare. Are you aware that Obamacare now requires restaurants to post calorie counts on their menus? You are not capable of making Government’s choices of what they want you to eat. This is only the beginning.

You see, when Government controls the money, they also believe they now have the authority to control everything that is directly or indirectly attached to the allotment of such money. This is one of the biggest reasons, I believe, Americans do not want Government-run health care. Government will decide everything for you. Where’s the choice? Where’s my liberty? Where’s my America?

But you don’t have a choice in this matter. That’s the entire essence of Obamacare. You will participate in Obamacare and you will like it…..or else!

Tom Remington