In Obama’s recent rant about how modern technology and 24/7 information is disturbing his version of democracy, only a stupid person would listen to what he said and think it at all valid; Especially when he tells his listeners that “education” will lift them above this useless technology. What is it that Obama thinks was behind the creation of this technology if it wasn’t “education”?

*Update* What’s most enjoyable about doing commentary on leftist issues is that it brings out the very people to whom I’m addressing and I want to thank them for confirming the very topic of my commentary. Today it is “stupid”.

So I’ll start a list of the “stupid” comments found at the Youtube comment section where my videos are.

1. wow pathetic using a random quote out of a presentation that focused on empowerment and? not only that u must think that the people watching are morons because what the President was said was just because we now have all these various technologies does not me that the information that we recieve is accurate so we must strive to depend on more than just these mediums go read his full speach before commenting asshole