Ah, yes! The electric car that will save the planet! Or was that the car that was going to rid us of dependency on foreign oil? Anyway, it’s here and for a measly 41 grand you can own one. That’s all! Just $41,000. But hey, let’s be completely forthcoming here. You can perhaps get a rebate of $7,500 to help knock the price down a bit.

While the sticker price is enough to scare the living global warming out of people, it’s what you get, or better yet, what you don’t get for all that money, which is a real joke. In addition, nobody promoting this “gasless carriage” will talk about the hidden issues.

For $41,000 you can travel up to 40-miles on a charge. That’s less than millions of Americans commute each day round trip to work. And don’t go looking for those “charging stations”, because the only ones around are at your house. Do you think your boss is going to let you plug in your ready-kilowatt-demanding, energizer bunny car for free while you’re at work? How many hours does it take to recharge the batteries?

But never fear, if you run out of battery, you have a gas powered generator that will help charge up your batteries to go a few more miles. Now that’s the old shrink your carbon footprint try!

They say there’s good in everything, so I got to thinking. Here’s what we should do. Make it mandatory that all Senators, Representatives, Cabinet members, Presidents, all government workers must drive an Obamamobile. No more chartered jets, no more privately commandeered military jets to hop around the globe, no more gas guzzling SUV-type limos for these hypocritical brain dead fools. Take it all away and give them a Volt. Think of the money we would save because these poor slobs couldn’t go farther than 40 miles away from the Washington Club Med.

Make sure you ask your Obama Motors dealer how much it’s going to cost you to charge up your car everyday. We all fear the cost of gasoline and what it will do to our economy and virtually everything else in our lives and yet we are stupid enough to think that those little brown plugs in the wall magically produce electricity for nothing. So, really! How much is it going to cost you to charge up your car each day? Don’t forget, that if Obama gets his Cap and Tax program in gear, it’s been projected that electric bills will soar.

What’s the projected life span of those batteries that power your Obamamobile? Don’t know? Some of the hybrid cars on the market today have a battery life of perhaps 5 years and a replacement cost that is nearly the same price as buying a new car.

But think of the money you’ll save by not having to buy gas……well, that’s assuming you think your electric charging fees will be free. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more than $5,000 on an automobile but then again I’m not one of your average completely in debt, living beyond one’s means, Americans. But for argument sake, let’s say that many people would spend $20,000 for a new car. I think that’s reasonable. Or they could spend an additional $21,000 so they could “save money”, by not buying much gas. (Read as saving the planet – Kumbaya)

At current gas prices, $21,000, divided by $2.75/gallon gasoline = 7,600 gallons. At let’s say, 20 miles to the gallon for your current car, that’s a distance of 152,000 miles. If you drive 20,000 miles each year, you could continue driving your car for an additional 7 1/2 years before you would spend as much money as you would be spending extra for an Obama Volt.

Why is it that we all need to own one of these? And what is the reason candidate Obama said he’d put a million of these useless pieces of crap on the roads by 2015.

Call me a tight wad and a cheap skate but if the opportunity presented itself, I’d be in Wal-Mart looking for lead replacement chemicals so I can run those cars that weren’t designed to run on lead-free gas.

So, for those of you with a new charge in your under shorts, head on down to your nearest Obama Motors dealer and get your order in for your very own electric car. If enough of you buy one, the price of gas will continue to drop and I like that idea a lot.

Tom Remington

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