On Wednesday, it was reported that Brenda Foster, owner of Runs With Wolves Sanctuary in Limington, Maine, was discovered to have been illegally operating her business without a license. Now it seems the first story she told and tells on her website, contradicts what she is now saying to be the truth.

Now she is saying that in order to promote wolves, she has to lie to people that all of her now supposed hybrid wolves aren’t pure wolves. She also claims that even though her website says she’s been operating for 20 years, it’s really only 10. So which story should any of us believe? And why should we believe anything else she tells us?

Foster says she only has one pure wolf that she bought from a guy in New Hampshire who bought it in Alaska. If that wolf was bought in Alaska and transported to New Hampshire or Maine, or simply over state lines, it would be a violation of the Lacey Act.

Let’s hope this woman and everyone associated with this sanctuary, can account for every animal they have had and no animals escaped or were given away or sold that can’t be accounted for. Whatever laws were broken, the owner and board of directors should be held accountable. This is serious business.

Tom Remington