For those who might not have picked up on what was quoted as being said in an Idaho Stateman article today, here’s the link and a copy of the quote.

The story is about what officials believe to have been two gray wolves attacking and killing a full grown, adult cow – age approximately 6 or 7 years. This happened near Eagle, Idaho.

Todd Grimm, acting state director of the Idaho Wildlife Services program for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, had this to say about the prospects of relocating the wolves, if they find them, as opposed to killing them.

“Once a wolf is involved in killing livestock, it’s a problem wolf,” Grimm said. There is no place to relocate the animals in Idaho, he said, because all of the suitable habitat is at capacity.

It isn’t often we get to read quotes from officials stating that suitable habitat is at capacity. If all suitable habitat for wolves is at capacity, and elk, deer and moose numbers are way below capacity, where’s the “natural regulation”? Where’s the balance of nature?

I bet the environmentalists don’t think too highly of Todd Grimm right about now.

Tom Remington

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