The pictures below are from a series of 11 sent to me via email. I am told they were taken by someone’s trail camera. I selected what I hope were enough photos to show the elk running toward the precipice and eventually being surrounded by three wolves. While the pictures don’t depict it, I do not know just what became of the elk or the third wolf.

In the sequence of photos I have, I picked out the first and last, where the time stamp shows approximately 14-minutes pass. I assume either the elk escaped or is out of sight of the camera, which might explain where the third wolf is.

In the final photo, it appears one wolf is focused on the ground where the elk was last seen in the sequence, while the second wolf is looking to the right of the precipice perhaps indicating the direction the elk went in.

Regardless of what exactly transpire, these photographs are excellent in quality and reveal a very interesting progression. Whoever owns these photos, thank you for sharing.

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Tom Remington

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