We are making progress on the new blog format to get things back to an operation readers became accustomed to and demand. Finally, the comments now seem to be visible. I apologize for that.

Also, we are making some changes and improvements to the navigation. If you take notice, there is a sub-menu that appears below the upper menu and just above the last article posted. In that sub menu, it reads, “Home”. Click that from anywhere you end up on the site and you will return to the home page of the Black Bear Blog. The “Home” link in the top main menu was changed to read “SM Home”, meaning Skinny Moose Home Page.

The comment email notifications we are still having some issues with. I will keep you informed when this gets straightened out.

I am told that a window in the right column should be back up soon to show, “Recent Comments”.

We are working on a better, more eye-easy, background and font color scheme.

If you have other issues, please add them here to the comments section.