According to the Outdoor Life National Deer Hunting Forecast, Maine ranks 38th overall and 22nd among whitetail deer hunting only.

Outdoor Life’s forecast includes mule deer and whitetail deer and as such Maine would prove to rank lower than many states simply because that state has only whitetail deer. The same dynamic takes place for states that only have mule deer.

Good news? Ummmmm, Maine beats out New Hampshire and Vermont….barely, along with Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island and let’s not forget Hawaii and Florida.

But I and we can sit here and poke fun of what’s happened to Maine’s deer hunting all we want but that isn’t going to change what I see as an extremely disturbing trend in this deer hunting forecast.

Outdoor Life provides an entire page to all 50 states about their deer hunting forecasts. On that page is a graph that shows the deer harvest for each state over the past five years – 2006-2010. It doesn’t take a trained statistician to discover the overwhelming trend nationwide in deer harvest is falling considerably. There are a handful of states showing increases in harvest but overall, it’s very troubling from my perspective. This, I wouldn’t think, would not bode well for the future prospects of deer hunting regardless of the reasons for the distinct decline.

Tom Remington