Some people are screaming for justice but they won’t get it. Eric Holder is a lying pile of horse dung and Barack Obama approves all that Fast and Furious has done and yet nothing will be done to punish the crimes committed by these two thugs.

While some in this country actually think the U.S. Congress will charge Eric Holder with contempt of court for all his lying and withholding of information, we learn that Hillary Clinton was perhaps the mastermind of the entire Fast and Furious plan.

In an email floating around the Internet today, a rumor is being spread that House Speaker John Boehner will sellout Holder’s contempt charges in order to pacify Mitt Romney. Now why would Mitt Romney want all the talk of Fast and Furious to go away?

And some of you actually think there is a difference between the scum on the left and the scum on the right?