HILLA, Iraq — A five-year-old Iraqi boy was pounced upon and killed by a wolf as he picked dates in a palm grove near the town of Hilla in central Iraq, a witness and a doctor said on Monday.<<<Read More>>>

I’m searching my mind for a typical leftist/animal lover/blinded thinker/pervert response to this story. Where most sane human beings would read this account and think what a tragedy for the boy and his family and attempting to somehow rationalize the trauma those with the boy must have experienced, these other troglodytes will come up with some idiotic excuse why it was the boys’ or somebody else’s fault.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that the wolf never would have attacked the boy if George Bush hadn’t lied about weapons of mass destruction. Coming in a close second is that American/NATO troops destroyed so much wolf habitat, who could blame that wolf. What do you think?