News agencies are reporting that several environmental groups have notified the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) they intend to sue the state of Wyoming and the Feds to stop the federally-protected gray wolves from being removed from the Endangered Species Act (ESA) list and thus prevent any attempt at wolf control and species management.

The groups filed their intent to sue in federal court in Washington, D.C. where all their buddies live; you know the ones they have bought and paid for with taxpayer money.

But this is really the direct fault of Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson and all his pals (yes the same ones bought and paid for) who stabbed Wyoming in the back, and the rest of us, when Simpson did two things. First, after co-sponsoring a bill (HR 509) with Montana Rep. Denny Rehberg, that would have amended the Endangered Species Act, of which that amendment would have pertained to all of the United States, he became a traitor, collapsing to the pressure of his money sources, and instead attached a rider bill to a budget bill that many believed was a good thing – those many who couldn’t see beyond the ends of their noses.

Which brings us to the second reason. In this rider bill, it effectively took the gray wolf off the Endangered Species Act list in Idaho and Montana and created a stipulation that no legal action could be taken to stop it, leaving Wyoming to its own devices.

We can argue until we are blue in the face as to whether or not an amendment to the ESA could have passed. The fact is it was never given a chance, which is how dirty, nasty, crooked politics is done in Washington and elsewhere. While you’re getting hosed and liking it, these good ole boys are greasing their own skids and the people get hosed.

So, the question which should have been asked back last year is, why omit Wyoming from any wheeling and dealing that went on within the budget rider bill? It is my opinion that it was done intentionally by your favorite politicians. No actions taken up on their part is done for the people or without greasing somebody’s palms. Wyoming has become the money resource and punching bag of the environmentalists and more specifically those other congressmen who gave up Idaho and Montana in exchange for allowing the environmentalists to have free rein over suing Wyoming and the Feds.

Don’t expect Wyoming to be hunting and killing wolves anytime soon, or managing their own game. This is government doing business as usual. If you are angry because of the lawsuits, point a finger where the pointing should be done: i.e. with Rep. Simpson, all his cronies and everyone else who supported this crooked move. That includes sportsman’s groups.

Back last year, 2011, in May, I stated, in reference to the actions of Simpson and his cronies to pervert the Constitution and avert the people:

There is a lesson here if anyone is interested in it. For whatever the reasons, we continue to make the same mistakes over and over. We continue to find false hope that our government can resolve our problems. We put trust in politicians, which is akin to suicide. This is just further proof of the useless nothingness that comes out of Washington. As long as we keep electing these “politics as usual” people, NOTHING is ever going to change.

When you lay down with whores you just might catch a disease.

Note: For those interested, you can scroll down through these articles and most all of them deal with the entire fiasco that led up to the final budget bill rider where we are now.