Hidden behind some perverse notion to ensure “our decency and respect for horses”, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took another progressive step toward the regulation of what he deems acceptable for Americans to eat, and signed a bill that will, “banning the in-state slaughter of horses, the transport of horses to slaughter, and the sale of horsemeat, for human consumption.”

Such idiocy exemplifies Christie’s hypocrisy and lack of understanding. By signing such a bill, the N.J. governor supports the claim that animals have rights. With such a tactic can we then believe that in the governor’s mind horses have more rights than say other animals that are allowed to be slaughtered, sold and consumed. i.e. cows, pigs, chickens, deer, elk, bears? Or is this actually another step toward the continued Marxist march of controlling what peasant subjects are allowed to eat?

And people continue to say Christie is a conservative, interested in smaller government. Ha!