What a mess we find ourselves in! The cries go out that we need to get back to using science in managing our wildlife, or perhaps better stated we just plain need to use science. But what’s become of science? Well, nothing really. Science is science, but what has happened is that money and greed got embroiled into the application of science and it soon became a tool, became a weapon of mass destruction. That weapon now slices and dices through societies world wide seeking whom it may devour. Fuel this weapon with the power of the press and you can pretty much control every aspect of every person’s life in this world……much because the world has stopped thinking. We are a cut and paste society. Repeat again.

Here’s an example of what can and does happen and it is my opinion that the editor of the media outlet that is the focus of the attention, lied when he said that the headline in the paper for an article, “over-simplified a complicated issue, which we regret.”

The headline, found in a U.K. newspaper, The Sunday Times, read, “Just 100 Cod Left in the North Sea”.

In short, the newspaper took it upon themselves to be fisheries biologist and do a bit of scientific and mathematical extrapolation and make a determination that all that is left for “adult” cod in the North Sea, is 100. They hadn’t a clue as to what constituted an “adult” cod and so they created an age themselves, I suppose based on what they thought reasonable; in my opinion for the purpose of further promoting an environmentalist issue about the preservation of fish in the North Sea and those idiots looking for ways to end the exploitation of natural resources. Does this all sound familiar?

As it turns out, the reality is there are an estimated half a billion adult cod in the North Sea and the paper really screwed it all up……..or did they?

The damage has been done. Even though the paper was called out on their unscientific methods of counting adult cod in the North Sea, probably millions of people are now “copying and pasting” the headline that the North Sea only has 100 fish and by all means, let’s blame the fishermen and/or humans in general.

That, I believe, was their intent from the beginning. This is a prime example of irresponsible media manipulation to promote personal agendas and using their own kind of perverse science as a lethal weapon to destroy the livelihoods of many, many people and to reduce and even destroy an important food source for the people.

Talk about control. It was Henry Kissinger who said that if you can control the food supply, you control the people.