If you watched the debate last night, as I did purely for entertainment value, you might have picked up on a new word that the vice president used in hashing over…..well, that would be anybody’s guess. Perhaps if the polls like the response, we can expect President Obama to use it too.

The word, as best as I can decipher, was “conflating”. It may have been “conflatering” or even, “conflatening”, but in the context I can’t figure out what it must really mean. So, I’m going to make an educated guess but bear in mind I’m no linguist expert.

“Con” could mean against or opposing; as in contrary. It might mean you have been tricked. Or, it may be used as an abbreviated term for convict.

“Flate” would be strictly a guess. I can think of inflate or deflate. I find in the Urban Dictionary that “flate” means, “Verb. Describing the state fillment (flation) of a flexible vessel or container, typically with a gaseous fillment media such as air, helium,”

Also the Urban Dictionary says that a “conflator” is someone who “conflates”, but offers nothing specific as to what conflates means. Conflatuate is a term used, according to Urban Dictionary, to recognize and thank someone for cutting a fart.

One might therefore conclude that what Joe was trying to say to Paul Ryan was, “I think you farted and I wanted to conflatuate you”, or maybe he smelled his own bad breath.

Perhaps some more precise video analysis will reveal more.

In the meantime, conflatulations to all those who sat up, ate popcorn, drank beer and farted through the whole thing.