October 16, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

The Montana Shooting Sports Association is taking the unusual step of endorsing (former) Representative Roger Koopman in his run for the Montana Public Service Commission. Why is this unusual?

MSSA has never before endorsed a candidate for the PSC because there is little, if anything, that the decisions of the PSC have to do directly with the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. However, MSSA endorses Koopman for these two significant reasons:

1) Koopman is a former Vice President of MSSA and had an A+ voting record on RKBA issues when he served in the Montana Legislature. Koopman’s opponent also served in the Legislature and compiled an anti-gun voting record while there.

2) Koopman has come under public attack by a person who has established a record of lying for political purposes. This attacker has been recorded telling gross lies about the NRA, Gun Owners of America, and MSSA, on multiple occasions. He is now focusing similar scurrilous attacks on Koopman.

The truth is, if concerned gun owners wish to elect someone to the PSC who is more like them, even though the PSC doesn’t have much to do with the RKBA, they should vote for Koopman. Koopman is highly competent and will do a great job at the PSC.

Very sincerely,

John R. Mercer, Vice President