Guest post by RR;

If “We The People” had freedom of speech, conscience, opinion, could we write any set of rules we wanted? And call it the law of the land? And could “We The People” allow our “Posterity”, the freedom to change those rules, that law of the land whenever “They the People” felt it was necessary and proper?

Isn’t that exactly what we have been observing, by examining the history of “We The People” since Patrick Henry clued us in of those powers of a King, when he pointed out the flaws in those original sets of rules? haven’t “They the People” been doing exactly that, whether “we who thought we was the people” liked it or not? Years ago, since the 70s, I set out to understand why “They The People” were ignoring “we the people” and kept on doing whatever they wanted whenever they deemed it necessary and proper.

Understanding the U.S. Constitution – The Preamble

It’s simple, they are the posterity and we are not, we never were. We can come to understand the truth of this, but it takes personal effort, if we want to know, then we as individuals first must stop being lazy, and teach ourselves the language they used back then, and is still understood by the “Posterity” using it today, that we fail to comprehend. That freedom of language they use is legalese, it’s like the matrix of language, I’ve met lawyers that did and do not understand it in it’s entirety.

The original writers of the constitution, those signatories of that document, including the King they were in disagreement with, and the writers, lawyers, at the signing of the 1783 Paris Treaty, understood this language above and beyond the language legalese graduates of today. Throughout “They The Peoples” nations history, only a few men have come forth and attempted to tell a blinded public the truth of those rules, that document, the compact with the family of nations, based upon Vattels Law of Nations, that Constitution, that Declaration of Independence, That Bill of Rights.The “founders” mention this several times, yet most constitutionalists have not read it, why wouldn’t we read the resources the founders mentioned they used when putting together their compact with the family of nations?

The truth started leaking out about these documents when the Anti Federalists took on the Federalists, when Patrick Henry made his arguments accusing the federalists of setting up a central government with the powers of a sovereign King. Later on, Lysander Spooner exposed these documents and those founders with his book, “No Treason”.

Vyzygoth Interviews David Williams

Now we who really want to know the truth, who set stubborn pride aside and dived into this mess of legalese, for some of us in the hopes of proving this all wrong, and later finding out it is the truth, we have works to help us, by James Montgomery, author of the book found on line “America is still a British Colony”, And the many writings of the Informer, which includes books, and letters. And now we also have David Parker Williams of Matrix Solutions. Also, we have access to many law dictionary’s which are invaluable in the learning process. The best ones are the ones “They” used when setting this compact up with the international community via the Paris Treaty, where your “founders” and the 13 original Colonies promised to pay a debt to the King of England. They never paid it. They fumbled the right of self determination, thus this country has been undergoing foreclosure for two hundred years.

Silent Acquiescence Gives Rise To Consent Part 1

Will the people of these states listen? No, they will not. The people believe they own it all, they believe it is their authority that is being usurped, the left and the right wing following, believe they’re more intelligent than their adversary, and they even call one another traitors. One side wants big government, one side does not. Both sides are completely unreasonable, both sides own nothing according to the King they do not understand because they do not comprehend his language.

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