The excuse du jour came from Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama, that the Sportsmen’s Act of 2012 could not come up for a vote because tax money would have to be spent to implement the bill.

There existed the typical irrational whining from the environmental groups, one being that the bill would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating lead in sporting gear. But with the election now behind us, the attitude becomes much as it always is; to hell with the people. They got the votes they needed out of this bill and now let’s kill it.

I’m not sure how big of a loss killing this bill would be. Yes, there were some things in the bill that were good but there is also things that sportsmen would be giving away. Evidently those items aren’t as important as some.

While the bill would have provided a means for hunters who have killed polar bears prior to President Bush’s idiotic listing of polar bears as a “threatened” species, to bring their trophies into the country, it did nothing to allow hunters to bring legally shot species in the future. This reeks of favoritism; but that’s politics as usual – the good ole boys’ club.

Land access seemed to be a much talked about issue and yet when you examine the language of the bill, you would discover that this perceived access is far from guaranteed but only gives certain authorities the power to allow or disallow. What possibly could go wrong with that. This is government controlling every aspect of your life and we just allow it thinking it’s all good.

If for no other reason, Sen. Tester should never be trusted for much of anything. While some sportsmen are reveling in the Tester/Baucus/Rehberg/Simpson defection and corruption to delist the gray wolf, it’s only a matter of time before that all comes back to haunt the sportsmen. Tester is as big a political weasel as all of them are and it’s a safe bet to say that he/they are only looking out for THEIR own interest and not yours.

Count on it!