It is my opinion, based on extensive reading and historical accounts, that the goal of the Obama Administration, et al, is not so much about banning assault weapons that they are trying to convince the public will cut down on mass murders, as it is about inciting anger in enough people to drive them to the streets.

For freedom lovers, it’s very much a lose/lose situation. If we do nothing but verbal protest, perhaps better described as bitching and complaining, the gun grabbing rights destroyers will get their way. If we take to the streets in protest, violence will erupt (and if you don’t understand why you’re blind and ignorant), a good chance Marshall Law will be enforced and all the dictatorial maneuvering Obama and Congress did in the last four years could be implemented.

But as I said, it is my opinion the objective here is violence. If the events of Sandy Hook, along with threats by Diane Feinstein to confiscate all of our guns, VP Joe Biden promising that Obama will use Executive Orders to accomplish his bans and Obama’s pledge, already in force, to accomplish gun control through business, aren’t enough to anger enough people, whatever is necessary to accomplish that end will be implemented.

I will predict that there will begin incidents of violence, perhaps murders on a small scale or pockets of staged protests ending in violence and death, all done to mostly foist blame on Second Amendment supporters. But please don’t think for one minute that you as a rights and Second Amendment destroyer aren’t expendable in this war toward One World Government. This effort is, of course, to continue to rile the masses of people one against another. If the people can’t get along, government will intercede. That, I believe, is the plan.