Talking With The Man Behind HECS
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I’d really like to thank Mike Slinkard, the President of HECS Stealthscreen for taking the time to answer a bunch of my questions about HECS! ~DesertRat

1. I was pleased to see real scientific research backing up your product. Is one of your biggest challenges overcoming hunters who have been burned on fads, gadgets and “snake oil”?

In the beginning that was a huge problem. We had a solution to a problem most hunters never recognized they had. While all hunters have seen the effects of animals pickling up on their emitted EM fields not many realized what they were seeing. Like any truly new innovation we were seen by many as the next great gimmick back when we launched HECS. Fortunately we found a few thousand open minded hunters who gave HECS a try and saw the difference right away. It took a couple of years but now HECS is accepted as a valuable tool to help keep people more concealed from most types of animals. To this day we almost never have a customer who used HECS as directed who has given a negative report. In 2016 we sold well over 30,000 suits and had a total of 2 negative reports from customers in the field. Our ace in the hole has always been that the technology truly works and that knowledge was what kept us going in those early days.

2. What was the biggest challenge developing this product and getting it to market?

Once we asked ourselves the question of why animals act the way they do when they get in close even when all conditions are right, and further developed the (then) theory of electromagnetic fields being involved, the greatest challenge was determining the correct grid size and conductivity necessary to attenuate those specific wavelengths of energy. Fortunately we had meters that could measure the fields emitted by humans and some great experts to help us develop the original HECS technology that is the basis for our 5 issued US patents. Once we were able to effectively attenuate these fields we were then able to prove the concept and the rest as they say is history.

3. Will this technology continue to evolve or is it cut and dried?

HECS technology is constantly evolving as we learn more and more about how it effects the users in different environments and for different purposes. For instance once we developed HECS for land based use it became apparent that the technology would also be useful under water. The challenge was that our grid had to be more conductive than the medium around it to be effective. To overcome this we had to change the grid size and up the conductivity of the grid significantly but we were eventually able to get the same effect under water as we had seen topside. More recently we have begun providing HECS technology to US special forces and police departments who need added concealment when in harm’s way. We have begun development of specific fits and features on our tactical products to work best in these situations. There is just so many different purposes for HECS technology that I doubt we will reach them all anytime soon.

4. How will you diversify from here? Different patterns? Different products? Different markets?

We have already begun bringing HECS technology into several different markets. HECS hunting (HECS LLC) and HECS Aquatic LLC are both going strong and bringing the HECS advantage to hunters and divers all over the world. Recently we launched HECS Tactical LLC in response to demand from military operators who had tested and approved HECS technology as an advantage in that realm. We chose AARDVARK Tactical of Laverne California to be the exclusive distributor of HECS technology to military and police units across the country. Coming soon will be HECS wildlife LLC which we are very excited about. HECS wildlife will be headed up by well-known wildlife biologist Forrest Galante who is a well-respected scientist and also a familiar face on Animal planet, Nat Geo wild and discovery channel. HECS wildlife will be focused on anyone who wants to have closer, safer and more enjoyable interaction with wildlife. We think this may well be the biggest division of HECS over time. With every division we are striving to bring the best quality products with features that our customers will appreciate on top of the advantage HECS technology affords.

5. Your basic setup includes pants, shirt and headwear. Is effectiveness proportional to how completely you suit up in the HECS gear?

Yes the more you cover the more effective HECS is. This is especially true with birds like turkeys and waterfowl. Birds are proven to see electrical fields visually and as such it is these fields that birds can use to tell a living being (and movement from living beings) from inanimate objects and motions. With birds it is essential that everything is covered in HECS for good results. With animal species the smaller muscle regions like the hands and feet are somewhat less critical than with birds but still the more you cover the better the result. The thing to remember with animals is that with the exception of the heart (which produces large amounts of electrical energy proportionate to is size) the intensity if the field is directly proportionate to the size of the muscle being flexed. So shirt and pants are most important followed by head and neck and those smaller muscles like hands and feet being somewhat less critical (but still highly recommended).

6. What are you most proud of, regarding your product/company?

I am most proud of our team here at HECS. We have been blessed with a very capable and highly intelligent group of men and women who have faced the challenges of developing and introducing an innovative but relatively unknown product/concept to market in the face of initial skepticism. Our team has not only taken on these challenges with fervor and optimism , but has succeeded beyond my greatest expectations. We all knew we had something significant and a technology that could really help people to have better, safer, and more enjoyable interactions with animals birds and fish but it took a very special group of professionals to bring it to fruition.

7. If You had an opportunity to talk with my readers who had never heard of your product, what would you want them to know?

We realize many hunters have yet to be introduced to HECS technology and many are not aware the true effects that the EM energy output of our bodies can have in their success in the woods. I would urge them to go to our website at and watch the videos and learn more about the difference HECS can make in their own adventures. In a nutshell HECS simply makes you appear more like an inanimate object and helps you get closer and stay close longer than ever before.

8. You’re a hunter – whats the dream hunt on your bucket list?

I have been extremely blessed to have been able to bowhunt all over the world and have taken some awesome trophies. I have hunted in the majority of US states as well as New Zealand, Africa 3 times Canada and Mexico. I guess the one big dram animals I haven’t yet hunted would be the big brown bears of Alaska. There is just something about those giants and the danger involved with bowhunting them that has always intrigued me. Someday I will scratch that one off the list.

I’d really like to thank Mike again for taking time out to answer a few questions. What a cool product! You can watch some videos about the technology, and some real encounters in the field here: HECS Videos.

Timber Mesa Queen Creek – A Great Shop To Take Your Bow
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I’m not a “hard core” bowhunter. I dabble. I have chased javelina around several seasons with a bow, but haven’t gotten one yet. Did the archery deer thing once or twice with identical results. That being said, I enjoy shooting bows and hope to someday have some success in the field. I recently received my new Xception bow from Xpedition Archery and needed to get it set up. I asked some questions in a local Facebook Group and Junior Jean from Timber Mesa Outdoors reached out to me right away and offered to help.

Timber Mesa already has shops in Show Low and Mesa, but they just opened a shop in Queen Creek; their new shop was only 5 or 10 minutes away from my house. After one false start (the bow was shipped with the wrong draw length set up and I needed to order a different module), I stopped by one night after work and watched as Junior worked his magic. I had a stabilizer, rest and sight that I needed to have installed. I also needed to add a D-loop and peep.

Timber Mesa is a full-service archery shop, complete with a shooting range. From their website: “We do one thing at Timber Mesa Outdoors and that’s Archery. We eat, sleep and breathe Archery. Timber Mesa has been in the archery business for over 23 years! Our staff all shoot and hunt with stick and string. The staff at Timber Mesa Outdoors is dedicated to helping you reach your archery dreams. Whether you’re chasing the buck of a lifetime or shooting for a spot on the podium, let the staff at Timber Mesa Outdoors help make those dreams come true!”

Junior is not only very technically capable when it comes to working on bows; it’s clear he is passionate about helping people get set up in archery. He detests poor customer service and shops that do sloppy work. From start to finish, Junior went through the work on my bow. He didn’t try to up-sell me on anything (I did buy a new sight) and he explained every single step. He was very thorough and detailed, but not so focused that he couldn’t chat while he was working.

He installed the new module and set my stops exactly to my draw length. He checked the draw weight. He installed the D-Loop, and then the rest. He installed my new sight and then paper-tuned my bow. It barely required an adjustment; I think even Junior was impressed! Then we went to the range and he helped me make sure the sight and rest were adjusted properly. He was insistent that I didn’t leave the shop with a half-done bow. He wanted it as set up as possible, by the time I left.

For all that work, the price Junior charged me was beyond reasonable. I am extremely happy with my bow and I think Junior thought that the Xpedition Xception was a pretty well-built bow. I can’t wait to hit the range and start slinging arrows!

Timber Mesa is a great place to buy your archery products, and they have online shopping as well.

Still deciding on what bow to buy? Check out their great Choose The Right Bow page.

As stated at the start, I don’t go into a lot of bow shops and the ones I have been into generally have left a bad taste in my mouth. That was not the case with Timber Mesa Outdoors. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Not only will I continue to spend my archery dollars there, I would highly recommend that you do as well.

Interested in learning more? Follow them on Facebook.

I don’t know if all of TMO’s staff are as friendly and professional as Junior Jean, but it sure seems like they might be close. Seems like the kind of outfit that would want to make sure that kind of knowledge and friendliness was consistent throughout the organization.

Checking Out The Fishing Gift Box
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A big thanks to Diane McNamara from Fire It Up PR, for reaching out to me about the Fishing Gift Box! Press Release segment below:

Actor John Ratzenberger Launches

(Las Vegas, NV – May 26, 2017): Actor John Ratzenberger and entrepreneur David Polinsky continue to expand their online shopping portal The with the addition of the Fishing Gift Box.

The Fishing Gift Box includes a monthly collection of the best lures, spinners, jigs, soft plastics and terminal tackle on the market, delivered anywhere in the continental United States. Both salt water and fresh water boxes are available with a recipe created by renowned chefs nationwide.

“I’ve been fishing my whole life and I’m still amazed at how advanced the tackle has become. I wanted to help my fellow fishing enthusiasts and take the guess work out of what to pack in your tackle box,” says Ratzenberger.

The subscription price for the Fishing Gift Box starts at $19.99 and lives on platform. Based on a proprietary technology platform, is unique to any other subscription box service by offering a choice of multiple categories all on one site. Subscribers have the flexibility to change, pause or cancel their membership at any time. There’s one monthly flat fee, no yearly upfront payments, every purchase ships free and earns rewards points towards free boxes.

So Dan was kind enough to have a fishing gift box sent to me and I must say it was pretty cool!

Some cool stuff in there!

So, they claim that the box is valued at around 50 bucks and I would say that’s pretty close. Some of you sticklers might price items out more advantageously but just looking it over and comparing to items off the shelf at a big box store, I’m OK with their declared value. If you choose the most expensive plan option, a one-time purchase, it costs you $29.99 and Im pretty sure you get that, at least.

It’s cool that they include a list and a description of each item.

The folks at The Fishing Gift Box claim on their website you will receive lures, soft plastics, jigs & spinners, terminal tackle (hooks and swivels, etc.) and recipes. That’s what I received so they delivered as advertised.

Honestly, I love the recipe card. I’m pretty good at catching fish, but woefully not creative when it comes to cooking fish. A recipe card is a pretty nice addition!

Overall, I’d say this is a pretty cool idea. It might make for a pretty neat gift too! Personally I think it would be fun to have a surprise every month but some folks might be concerned in receiving products they won’t use. It’s a great option to be able to choose freshwater or saltwater as well. For a 12-month plan it will cost you $19.99 per month. To go month-to-month it will cost you $25.99

This fishing gift box didn’t have any junk in it, it was fun to receive and open, and I think the price is fair. It gets the Desert Rat Seal of Approval!

Be sure to check out The Fishing Gift Box to learn more!

Catching Up With Krimson
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It’s been almost a year since I sat down with Krimson so I thought it might be cool to catch up with her. I knew she had some interesting stuff going, and figured DesertRat readers might be interested as well.Thanks to Krimson for taking the time out to chat!

1) You’ve been busy since last time we chatted. How have you been?

I have been very well, 2016 was a very busy yet successful year for me and I’m off to a great start to 2017. I had a very successful hunting season, filmed my first music video and I am now currently in the works of getting my own outdoor show. I can’t wait to share so many new things with you all!

2) You’re releasing a new single and video? Tell us about it

I just released my newest single and music video “Elements”. Truly inspired by the beauty of the outdoors, this piece was exclusively filmed on my hometown island of Kodiak, Alaska. I was very fortunate to grow up so involved with the great outdoors and that is truly what inspired this piece of art. Watch the video or give the lyrics a read at

3) What’s involved in making a video like that?

Like anything else, it took a lot of hard work and dedication. It was a long week of running from one scene to the next in 20-degree weather to capture all the beauty on Kodiak. I was flown to a mountain top as the helicopter circled, recording my performance. I was then rushed to the next scene, where again the helicopter circled me as I was in the rigging of one of our family commercial fishing boats. We then filmed in all the lush forests and rocky beaches of Kodiak. The whole experience was truly an adventure, one that I will never forget. However, it took far more work than what meets the eye.

4) How can people hear more of your music? How can they support you?

All my music, including my newest release “Elements” can be found on my website at where you can also support my career by downloading my music, ordering a CD or even donating. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on all my latest news, and share the word with all your friends and family. I intend to do great things for society and the hunting community;my fans however, will ultimately help make that change.

5) Didn’t you just shoot more than one record Black tail? Tell us more…

Yes, this past December I shot three record Sitka Blacktail Deer in one day, with a bow! All which were recorded on film. Rain and snow had been relentless for days and we were breaking into the first few days of December, so the temperatures were dropping quickly. After the storm, we happened to get a beautiful cold and clear day which enabled the deer to find warmth and food that was melting from the snow. Needless to say, it was a phenomenal day full of great experiences. Read more of my hunting stories at

6) What hunts do you have lined up this year?

I plan to hunt Moose this September, which is one of my favorite hunts. I also plan on doing a Mountain Goat hunt with a bow, which is something I have wanted to do for years. I was also recently drawn for a Kodiak Brown Bear, in the best area in the world for Spring of 2018. Less than 1% are fortunate enough to be drawn for this hunt and it just so happens to be when I will be filming for my outdoor show! God has something great in store for me and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

7) Any hunting videos in the works?

Yes, I have been in the process of getting my own outdoor show. It will be the first Female Hosted TV Show filmed in Alaska with episodes full of hunting, fishing and living the ultimate organic lifestyle; everything from picking berries to cooking organically & more, it’s a show that will appeal to all ages, genders and interests!
Millions of people have never and will never get to experience Alaska like I have. I want to bring these experiences to people all over the world, because I have a lot to share with you on Kodiak Island.

8) Are you looking for companies to collaborate with?

Yes, I have already begun gaining relationships with excellent brands and I hope to collaborate with many more. It’s very important to me to represent the best gear on my show, because let’s face it – if a product can remain durable on the treacherous weather patterns of Kodiak, there’s nothing it can’t handle!

Thanks again to Krimson for taking time to talk to Outdoor Hub! We can’t wait to see her grow and succeed in the outdoor industry. Meanwhile, check out her new video:

22 Nosler vs. 22-250
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Like lots of folks, I get lazy in the summer. That means I was glad to take Scott Milkovich of up on his offer to post an article up on comparing the .22 Nosler to the tried and true .22-250. I like to shoot as much as the next guy, but my expertise is nowhere near what Scott’s is, so I’m glad to feature him as a Guest Blogger on a really cool topic. With so many calibers to choose from these days, it’s nice to have a knowledgeable opinion presented. Thanks again Scott! ~Desert Rat

The 22-250 Remington, the most successful .22 caliber centerfire, has a long history of being the top dog in the predator hunting world. With the introduction of the 22 Nosler, how do the two compare?

The 22-250 cartridge is one of the easiest rifle rounds to shoot as far as recoil. Its versatility is unmatched and it has been the staple in predator hunting cartridges for many years. The downside to this American predator icon is that it usually comes in slower twists like 1 in 12” and 1 in 14”, with a few rare factory rifles having 1 in 10” twists. This means it’s only able to effectively shoot the lighter 22 caliber bullets. Lighter bullets mean more wind drift at greater distances.

The 22-250 in a bolt action rifle is a great tool for small varmints, but serious predator hunters know the advantage of a semi-automatic rifle. Shots at moving bobcats or having multiple coyotes come in to a call are common. The ease of staying on target and quick follow-up shots make the AR-15 an ideal predator hunting platform. While it’s not impossible to find the 22-250 in the AR platform, it’s definitely rare. There are a few out there, but the only true production rifle company is closing its doors.

Enter the 22 Nosler. The shortcomings of the 22-250 mentioned above are why the 22 Nosler has gained so much interest in such a brief period of time. It was just introduced at the 2017 SHOT show and hunters are already embracing the cartridge. Nosler’s campaign, “Supercharge your AR in two steps”, is a simple and cost-effective concept. Many hunters already own at least one AR-15, so if they want to use the 22 Nosler it’s not expensive for them. Simply change the barrel and purchase a new magazine. That’s it.

The barrels are becoming available through many sources, but Midway USA was the first to offer them as a drop in. With a few simple tools that any AR-15 owner should have and 15 minutes of time you can switch your barrel to the 22 Nosler. The magazine needed is the same one used for 6.8SPC or 6.5 Grendel, they are very common and can be found for less than $15 each.

The 22 Nosler is its own parent case, similar to a 6.8SPC, but with a rebated rim. The case has 25% more capacity that of the .223 and 35% more energy on target. One thing that one must considered, with the rebated rim you’ll need to use a 223 bolt. There’s more surface area, which means less chance of failure from the bolt than that of the wildcat cartridges using the 6.5 or 6.8 brass/bolt.

Approaching 22-250 velocities in a smaller cartridge, the 22 Nosler makes the round capable of pushing a 55gr. Nosler Ballistic Tip bullet at 3,400 fps out of an AR-15 fitted with a 20” barrel. Now, some will say that you can get almost 4000fps out of a 22-250, but the norm is closer to 3600-3700 fps. Another upside is the ability to use heavier bullets and the versatility they provide. Most barrel makers are using a 1-8” twist, which still stabilizes the 55gr bullets and allows the shooter to use a wide variety of heavier bullets as well.

Comparing the 22-250 and the 22 Nosler with the same 55gr Ballistic tip bullet from Nosler, the data shows how impressive the smaller cartridge really is. The chart below shows how similar they really are at 200 and 300 yard, with 100 to 200 yards being the most common distances for coyotes, fox and bobcats. Beyond 300 there’s a little more drop for the 22 Nosler, but nothing that can’t be dialed or held for by a competent hunter.

Speaking of versatility, the 22 Nosler has been used in the PRS Gas Gun Series by a few competitors and it’s gaining popularity in that venue. Running a heavy bullet such as the Nosler 70gr RDF and up to 77gr bullets, this caliber can be competitive with the heavier, more cumbersome AR-10 style rifles chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor or the 6mm Creedmoor.

The new cartridge relies heavily on the overwhelming popularity of the modular AR platform. It’s cost effective to upgrade existing setups through the swapping of an upper, or even just the barrel, and a magazine. It may never match the 22-250 in speed, but the versatility of the 22 Nosler has already turned many heads in the predator hunting and precision rifle community.

Scott Milkovich is the author and is the owner of Specialized Dynamics, a custom AR-15 shop who specializes in predator hunting rifles and also shoots precision rifle matches. Checkout his work at