Shooter’s Bible – Still Going Strong
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Published annually for more than eighty years, the Shooter’s Bible is the most comprehensive and sought-after reference guide for new firearms and their specifications, as well as for thousands of guns that have been in production and are currently on the market. Nearly every firearms manufacturer in the world is included in this renowned compendium. The 109th edition also contains new and existing product sections on ammunition, optics, and accessories, plus updated handgun and rifle ballistic tables along with extensive charts of currently available bullets and projectiles for handloading.

As a kid, I think the only book I scrutinized more thoroughly than the Shooter’s Bible was the Sears Christmas Catalog. I remember looking at all of those guns and reading about all kinds of shooting info; some of it I could only dream about. Imagine my excitement when the good folks at Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in reviewing a copy! Heck yeah, I would!

Some of the Shooter’s Bible was just the way I remembered – nearly 600 pages of data about nearly every commercially produced gun known to man (it seems that way at least!). Details about the gun, features, and MSRP for every model. From rifles to shotguns to handguns and airguns. Muzzleloaders, too. There is lots of good stuff on Optics and Ammunition as well. There’s a reference section with information about Ballistics and another section on Manufacturers & Suppliers. Although much of the book is in (high quality) black and white print, there is an extensive color section on new products in the front of the book. Sure, this book can be used as a comprehensive reference guide but it is also flat-out fun to read.

This would make a great gift for the hunter or shooter in your life. For 30 bucks or less you really can’t go wrong.

About the Author of the Shooter’s Bible:

Jay Cassell, editorial director at Skyhorse Publishing and the editor of this compendium, has hunted all over North America. He has written for Field & Stream, Sports Afield, Outdoor Life, Petersen’s Hunting, Time, and many other publications, and has published numerous books. He lives in Katonah, New York.

A quick web search showed the book to be available at WalMart, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other retail outlets.

Avenza Maps Adds Draw and Measure Tool and More in Avenza Maps 3.3
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Avenza Maps, an innovator and leader in the GPS digital mapping space with thousands of maps designed for use without cell signal, is pleased to announce their latest advanced mapping technology in Avenza Maps 3.3

From the folks at Avenza:

We’re excited to announce that we’ve completed the release of Avenza Maps 3.3 for iOS and Android. We addressed some early user feedback and made a few point releases to resolve those issues (3.3.1 for Android and 3.3.2 for iOS). We’re also working on another minor update that addresses some additional user feedback.

Avenza Maps 3.3

This update contains new features and performance improvements as well as fixes for reported bugs. Some highlights are mentioned below, for the full release notes see below.
Redesigned Measure Tool. This tool has been completely redesigned and renamed — now known as the Draw and Measure tool. It features an improved interface which lets you draw shapes and measure more easily. While in a draw or measure mode, you can now quickly tap anywhere to enter a segment for a line or area. In addition, there are two precise input modes to enter segments: Point By Point and Course and Distance. Long press anywhere on the map to enter precise input mode. For Point By Point, simply enter the coordinates (lat/long, easting/northing or MGRS/USNG) to add a segment at an exact location. The Course and Distance mode allows you to enter the heading (angle) and distance from an initial location.

You can also now draw circles. Using only two points — an initial center point and a second point at any distance away — which means you can now draw circles that can act like buffers. It even works with the Point By Point and Course and Distance modes to enter specific distances or coordinates. Best of all, shapes and areas can now be saved as a map feature to your map. They can be exported as KML, CSV or GPX or even SHP (if you have Avenza Maps Pro). New style settings are available to adjust line thickness, stroke and fill colors, and opacity.

3.3 – What’s New?

The major feature is the redesigned (and renamed) Draw and Measure tool which now allows you to draw shapes quicker and more easily.

• Redesigned Measure Tool (now known as “Draw and Measure”)
• New advanced drawing capabilities, including tap anywhere to draw a segment and tap and hold to access “point by point” and “course and distance” modes
• Draw, edit, save, export and import areas. Draw areas including circles using only two points.
• Reorganized Settings including new settings to change location dot color and line and area colors including opacity
• Record GPS Tracks will continue to run even when the map is closed
• Map Store improvements including ability to preview map extent
• Improved Map Store user registration workflow

You can get Avenza Maps now from the App Store and Google Play.

For Your Holiday Shopping This Year Check Out HuntCrafted
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It’s that time of year when we’re all scrambling to find the perfect gift for the fisherman or huntress in our life. We all have different budgets and our loved ones have different tastes but some things are the same for all of us – we want to buy quality gifts that are unique. Right on cue for my Christmas posts, I heard from Miles Sims over at

Miles is the the founder of HuntCrafted – a dedicated online marketplace for high quality, handmade outdoor, fishing and camping gear. Miles tells me “We like to think of ourselves as the Etsy for those who love to fish and hunt since we provide a platform for sellers to create a shop where they can list and sell their handmade items. Our goal is to provide a platform for craftsmen to create and sell quality products that will be handed down from generation to generation. We have hundreds of unique products on the site that would make the perfect gift for the fishing enthusiast, but some of our most popular items include our fishing tackle and hunting knives. Most of our products are handmade and made-to-order, making them unique and hard to find at the big sporting goods stores.”

Sure enough, I perused the site and they have some real cool stuff.

Check out this Handmade Juniper Wood Fishing Lure

This handmade fishing lure is made from juniper. All lures are made with high pitch glass rattles embedded within the lure, stainless steel eyes, and Gamakatsu hooks. Made by a fisherman and made to fish. Afraid to get it wet? No worries – a custom stand to display your lure is available as well. These are not wooden blanks turned out in a factory somewhere.

For the duck hunter in your life, consider the Kingwood and Blackwood Single Reed Duck Call

Maybe the hunter in your life could use a new knife? Consider this beautiful, handmade Woodsman Custom Bushcraft Knife

The Woodsman is the quintessential hunting knife. Modeled after tradition bushcraft blades, this knife incorporates modern design elements that enable it to excel in a broad range of cutting tasks from deer processing to setting up camp. If you’re a hunter, or looking for a classic looking EDC knife, this one’s for you.

All DF Custom Knives ship in an individually molded Kydex sheath, to protect you and your knife in the field.

The Details

Blade Length: 4″

Total Length: 8″

Blade Steel: 440C Stainless

Blade Thickness: 5/32

Handle Material: Wood stack (Blackwood, Walnut, Tamarind, Bloodwood, Paduak, Maple)

Whether it’s a gift for Christmas or another special occasion, or a treat for yourself – I would highly encourage you to visit

From their website:

Our passion at HuntCrafted is to offer unique, high quality, and functional hunting gear. We strive to create the best products at a reasonable price that get the job done in the field.

For so many of us our love of the outdoors began in a similar fashion; we were handed-down a treasured rifle or shotgun from our father, grandfather or friend that helped instill in us our love for chasing wild things in wild spaces. Our goal is to create products that will be handed down from generation to generation, bringing a smile to the faces of those who will answer the call to tell the story of your unique hunting heritage.

The Invention Shop of S2 Equipment, LLC Introduces the HANS™ PowerPack and HANS™ Solar BriefCase
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Never Be Without Lights or a Charged Mobile Phone During a Power Outage

The Invention Shop of S2 Equipment, LLC announces the HANS™ PowerPack and HANS™ Solar BriefCase, ready to charge devices and provide light during a power outage, an impromptu weekend off-the-grid trip, or even a tailgate party. Available in two sizes, the HANS™ PowerPack 150 and the higher-capacity HANS™ PowerPack 300, both versions are rugged, easy to carry, noiseless, and can be recharged whether there is access to electricity or not. To accompany the HANS™ PowerPacks, the HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 is a 60-watt portable solar charging system that provides rapid recharging.

“All HANS™ products are made to be dependable when our customers need it most,” said Todd Breneiser, Operations Executive. “They’re designed to be easy to use while giving you maximum functionality, so you never have to spend another night without power and in the dark.”

Ideal for unexpected power outages and emergency situations, the HANS™ PowerPack 150 is also a great companion for camping, tailgating, and other activities that require long-lasting portable power. It comes with built-in LED lights (both flood and spot lights), an integral USB port, plus a 12-volt dual port USB expander, providing three USB ports in total for charging mobile devices and powering small electronics such as tablets and fans. All HANS™ PowerPacks use Lithium-Ion batteries, and this high energy density means a low, 7-pound weight that suits the mobile lifestyle, a long shelf life with no maintenance, and 1000+ recharge cycles to keep the power running for years to come. When no power is available, the HANS™ PowerPack 150 can be recharged with its own built-in solar panel. When the power comes back on, it can be charged on any wall outlet. The HANS™ PowerPack 150 will let you charge your cell phone and give you five hours of light every day for two weeks.

For those who demand a higher-capacity of power, the HANS™ PowerPack 300 is ideal for unexpected power outages, emergency situations, and other extended off-grid experiences that require long-lasting portable power. It shines up to 5 Watts (three floodlights, one spotlight), charges mobile devices, powers small and medium sized electronics, and recharges with the power of the sun and the built-in 4.5-watt solar panel. The HANS™ PowerPack 300 is a personal, portable power plant that will let you charge your phone and give you five hours of light every day for a month.

The HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 is a 60-watt portable solar charging system for rapid recharging of the HANS™ PowerPacks. The HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 has built-in legs to help position it for optimal angles to the sun and to minimize charge time. It will charge a HANS™ PowerPack 150 in 3.5-5 hours and a HANS™ PowerPack 300 in 7-10 hours. The legs of the HANS™ Solar BriefCase 60 do double-duty as tie-down anchors to secure the Solar BriefCase 60 on windy days.

HANS™ products are designed and engineered to be the most durable of their type available, and they’re backed up with a 12-year warranty. To top it off, HANS™ PowerPacks are covered with marine grade rubber on the high-contact surface areas to keep the ports, lights and solar panels protected in any orientation it may be placed.

“The housing, kickstand, buttons, and handle are all made from the same family of polycarbonate used in bullet resistant glass,” said Breneiser. “Our packs are really tough and durable.”

For more information and to order the HANS™ PowerPack and HANS™ Solar BriefCase, visit

About the HANS™ Brand

Designed and assembled in the USA, the HANS™ family of products are created to provide pollution-free and expense-free electricity generation. The Invention Shop of S2 Equipment, LLC, in Farmington Hills, Michigan is the developer of HANS™ products and is focused on providing reliable energy and clean water. The HANS™ team supports the Billions in Change movement in their quest to bring useful inventions to the unlucky half of the world in order to improve quality of life for billions of people.
Go to to watch the film about the movement and to get involved.

Outfitter Review – Don Martin and Striper Hunter – Great Striped Bass Fishing Trips
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Friends Robert Gomez, Jason Bluhm, Ken Pizzagoni and I purchased a striper fishing trip at our annual San Tan Chapter Mule Deer Foundation banquet. The four of us make up the current executive of the San Tan Chapter. Don Martin from Striper Hunter has consistently been a donor to our banquets and we finally decided to pull the trigger on a trip for ourselves. The peak of the season was past when we finally made it up in mid-August but I must say that Don didn’t disappoint.

Our interactions with Don leading up to the trip were great. He provided detailed directions to his house in Meadview. He provided great info on what to bring and answered any other questions we had. The plan was to meet Don at his place in Meadview, he would feed us dinner, and we would be on the water (Lake Mead) by 10 PM or so. Dinner was great (included in the package) and there was plenty to eat. Don is meticulous in his preparation to hit the water and clearly has a system down. Prep went like clockwork, from bait to tackle to boat, to ice. Don utilizes a checklist so nothing gets forgotten.

As promised, we were out on the water around 10 and quickly we were headed to Don’s honey hole. Don began his secret ritual of chumming and bait and parking in just the right spot; soon we had lines in the water. We were past the peak of the season and the night started out slow. Slow to the point that Don was fretting a bit early on. Eventually the bite picked up and remained fairly steady through the night. All told, we boated 102 stripers, 5 catfish and 2 big carp.

Don is a wealth of knowledge and between knowledge and system he provides a high-quality, enjoyable fishing trip. He can provide the rods and tackle or you can bring your own. He provides the bait, chum, water, sodas, etc. All he asked us to bring was some dry ice. We fished through until about 530 in the morning, we were even surprised with some sudden showers in the wee hours of the morning. We were back at the dock by 6:30 AM or so, and headed back to HQ.

Don has a system for everything and that includes cleaning fish and taking pictures. At the time we all kept thinking “Lets just take some pictures” but we stuck with Don’s method and all of the sorting and hanging of fish paid off with some really cool photos. We cleaned them assembly line style with two of us running electric filet knives, one cutting ribs and the driver aking a catnap.

If you’re interested in a great fishing trip in Arizona, or fishing striped bass specifically – I’d highly recommend Don Martin and his outfit Striper Hunters. Stripers are fun to catch and great eating too. They’re my new favorite thing to fish. Don runs a tight ship (pun intended), is friendly and hospitable, knows his stuff, and will for sure make it a great trip for you.

You can find him on Facebook here: Striper Hunters

You can also watch a video detailing one of Don’s trips below.