There’s something that I think about often, in my traipsing around the deserts of Arizona. Frequently, I see “No Trespassing” signs, and of course, I heed them. This though, is what I wonder about – “What if the land is not properly posted?” There are requirements for posting land. The number (spacing) of signs, size and color of the letters and sign, height, etc. If you’ve ever read a piece of legislation, then you’ll know that a person can’t just “hang a sign”, if they don’t want people on their property.

So – what do you do, if the land isn’t properly posted? Maybe just a single, faded, old rusty sign. You can barely make out “No Trespassing”. As a responsible sportsman, I have to follow all applicable laws, to the letter. Tags signed, observe unit boundaries and shooting times. There are some pretty specific requirements for any number of things, that hunters have to follow. If the landowner doesn’t hold up his end, are we obligated to respect their wishes?

I do. I guess, if I know their intent, I’ll respect it. My question is, still – do I have to?