Maybe he’s a snowbird…. yuk yuk yuk. Seriously, I neither believe nor disbelieve stuff like this. I actually heard an interview with a bigfoot researcher guy on the radio, a few months ago. He was saying some pretty interesting stuff.

Here’s some interesting stuff:

Mogollon Rim Cave

OBSERVED: My name is Dr. XXXXXXXXXXX I’m a chiropractor. One afternoon a few weeks back, I was on my way from Show Low, AZ to a ranch past Concho, AZ to work with a horse. I’m certified in animal skeletal adjusting (chiropractic for animals.) Between the Y in the highway and Concho, about 6 miles outside of Concho, at about 2:30 PM, on a clear, sunny day (Oct. 26, 2006), I saw something come up onto the road about a half mile in front of me. At first, I thought it might be a very large dog as it initially was coming up onto the road, but as it fully entered the highway, I could see that it stood straight up, to a height about as tall as a road sign, maybe 6 or 7 feet? It had long, dark brown hair from top to bottom and stood absoulutely straight up, no slouch, no forward bending at all. It ran across the road from my right toward my left and remained fully standing as it ran off into the brush. The full incident took maybe 10