I want to thank the folks at Crooked Horn for sending me the RF Hook Up to try. First off, I’d like to say that every piece of gear I have ever tried from Lennis Janzen and the crew at Crooked Horn has been innovative, well-made and a delight to use in the field.

The RF Hook Up is a great rig meant to not only hold your binoculars safely and securely, but your rangefinder attaches to the harness as well. A January javelina hunt in Arizona’s Unit 37B seemed like just the opportunity to try this harness out. I have had a harness for years that covers the entire set of binos as it holds them against your chest. They worked well, but always got sweaty under the binos. I was anxious to try the rig from Crooked Horn.

In Arizona, whether you are hunting the thick stuff or the open areas, you aren’t going to have much success without good glass. I’d be hunting some pretty thick stuff today and for binos, I’d be toting my favorite – Vortex. Vortex optics are a high quality, have an amazing warranty, and are a great value for the money!