I’d like to thank Summer Stringer and the folks over at Panther Vision for getting me some of their product to try. I was pleased to try out one of their hats, and a pair of the lighted reading glasses.

First the glasses. I am not aging gracefully. For the last 2 or 3 years, I need reading glasses to see anything small or to read. I don’t like deteriorating eyesight, and I don’t like glasses. That being said, glasses are a fact of life. The glasses I tried are comfortable, sturdily built, and BRIGHT. I suppose they are stylish as well, but as stated, I am not liking the whole “needing glasses” thing. I’ve used these for reading in bed, and they work great.Where I use them most however is in the garage, at my reloading bench. I set up a reloading bench this year and the funky lighting in the garage creates some shadows. I need my reading glasses anyway when I am peering at the scale, micrometers, etc., so these glasses are perfect. They allow me to see clearly the little stuff, and defeat the shadows on my bench as well.

There are a ton of commercial/industrial uses also.One of my best jobs ever was with an electrical engineering company. They do advanced testing on electrical gear, large breakers, transformers, etc. I’ve stayed in touch with those guys and still help them with big jobs on occasion. Usually, the power is shut off and we are working in dark electrical rooms trying to read information off of small record plates, breaker settings, etc. I can’t wait to try the glasses for that!

The hat works great too. These lights are bright! The switch is easily accessible and easy to use even with gloves on. I use the hat in the garage when I am reloading. I use it outside when I am doing stuff, and in my truck as well. On a recent deer hunt I took it with me so I could use it to help open and close gates as we were heading out and coming back in the dark. Anywhere you are in the dark and need your hands free, this hat will work nice.They come in several styles.

At first, I admit I thought the hat and glasses were a bit “gadgety” but I have to say – they are practical, and work well. The hat I’d recommend to anyone needing hands-free, bright light. The glasses work well as well and they are available in several powers. The glasses run about 20 bucks, with a rechargeable version available as well (those are about 90). Hats run $20-$100 based on style, number/type of lamps, etc. They have a big range to choose from, including visors, winter hats, etc.!

You can see hats here: Panther Vision hats

You can see the glasses here: Light Specs

These make a great Christmas present too for the hunter, mechanic, machinist, fisherman, reloader, electrician, whatever in your life! All of their products are covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.