A big shout out to Curt Whitworth for taking some time to talk to me about Huntego and their products. These innovative products are sure to make a splash in the industry. ~DesertRat

From the Release:

CleanShot Fires Off: First-Ever “Shoot Through” Bore Cleaning Device Unveiled

Huntego Limited’s newest innovation to be the first product ever launched on Firefunder.com –
the shooting industry’s crowdfunding platform


(Northville, Michigan) – It’s a double barreled shot of unprecedent ed breakthroughs for the gun industry. Huntego Limited is launching CleanShot, the industry’s first of its kind shoot-through bore cleaning cartridges. CleanShot is fast, efficient, convenient and compared to traditional field cleaning methods, more affordable.

CleanShot is a patented high-velocity bore cleaning device that uses approximately 9,600 psi of outward pressure to power scrub, trap particles and wipe the bore clean. Simply load a CleanShot round in the chamber like any other cartridge, safely fire and your gun is field-cleaned in an instant. Designed to be used in the field or at a range, CleanShot allows shooters to maintain their firearms with minimal cleaning equipment, effort and mess.

The first product in the Huntego Limited line is now available at Firefunder.com:


Huntego Limited is launching the 12-gauge model now and intends to release 20, 28 and 410 gauges i n the year ahead. They are also actively working on the 9MM handgun and military grade applications such as the 5.56 model.

The 12-gauge CleanShot uses a standard shotgun hull and is manufactured using the same process and standards as ammunition currently manufactured by the OEM brands today.

The product can be used by a wide range of shooting consumers including:
recreational and target shooters, hunters, law enforcement, military, government agencies and more.

CleanShot sells for $2.50 on FireFunder.com

Talking with Curt:

1) How on earth did you think of this?

You know – the old story that it just came to me… sorta. Was at the SHOT Show with a client and happen to see something, then another and another. For me 2+2=4 that day – it made perfect sense. I was really into “if I had an idea, I would write it down” on a small pad that I always carried at the time. Drew a few pictures, made some notes – by the flight home I was on page 6 of a business plan. Spent a lot of time looking online, then Patent Office – next thing you know it just took over. I knew that it solves a number of issues, would be easy to use and be cost effective. That was about 5 years ago.

2) What prompted you to develop the concept and go to market?

I am a firm believer in disruptive invention. Something that may be unconventional or “outside the box” to an industry that has done something the same way for hundreds of years – to me is exhilarating and/or addicting. I didn’t live inside that industry’s box – and wasn’t restrained to 4 walls, I just went in and figured it out. Once I got into something that I felt would work, I was completely hooked. So mornings, evenings and weekends were consumed with shotshells, wads, CAD, books and patent research. Its the thrill of the chase. Fast forward to today – we have made investments in large capacity molds for 12 gauge and production is in full scale production for an April 17 delivery.

3) What next for your company? Will this technology work on rifled barrels?

To complete the shotgun market, we have development scheduled for 12, 20, 28 and 410 lines for production. We have 9MM prototype materials in hand and are excited to move into more handgun gauges such as 7MM and 40cal in 2017. We also have .223 CAD concepts moving forward with possible release dates in 2018… and a few more innovative bore cleaning solutions up our sleeves… cant give it all away.

Rifled barrels. We have found the CleanShot® to be a very effective field cleaning device for rifled barrels. We have tested on a number of shotgun brands with consistent results.

4) Does this product eliminate traditional bore cleaning or supplement it?

CleanShot® is a shoot-through field cleaning device. After a day at the range, clays, in the field dogging birds/waterfowl or just plinking targets – simply load a CleanShot and safely fire. The device is designed to scrub, trap particles and wipe the bore clean. Huntego Limited is an absolute advocate of scheduled bench cleaning when you have the time, energy and funds to do so.

5) What has been the most surprising challenge in getting the product to market?

Oh, that’s loaded question. Its been a really long, educational, eye-opening process – on so many fronts – as it should be, we are talking ammunition products.

6) For readers who have never heard of your company, what would you want to tell them?

Watch this space. Huntego Limited has a number of new product innovations to release… changing the game forever. We are extremely excited to enter the industry with a product like CleanShot and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Thanks again to curt for taking the time to talk with me. Can’s wait to see the progress! ~DesertRat