I’m hoping you caught my earlier post about John Stallone’s podcasts which are a great source of hunting information – how to, where to, and why.. I thought it might be neat to catch up with John and ask a few questions so my readers could learn more about him. A big “Thank You” to John for taking some time to chat. ~DesertRat

First off, some background on John. From his website:

“I am the marketing Director for The Hunting Channel, a National pro-staff shooter for Mathews, Swhacker, Trufire, Sneek Tec, Bow IQ , Cogburn and Gold tip as well as many more . I am an outdoor videographer and writer in the hunting industry. My program is viewed over 4 million x monthly, I am a published outdoor writer and have over 4 million views on youtube and receive traffic upwards of 65 million each year on my video clips. I have completed my whitetail slam and currently working on my super slam. My TV show was voted viewer’s choice for 2014 on Carbon TV and I have been successfully producing shows for over 11 years.”

1) How long have you worked in the hunting industry?

I started “prostaffing” for companies in 2001 I started getting paid to hunt 2002

2) Is this your full time occupation?

Yes and no I do it full time and make a portion of my livelihood from it but I also own a commercial swimming pool company ( remodel, service and repair)

3) How did you get into this business?

I started by helping develop hunting products and writing articles for blogs and websites then got my first article published in Midwest whitetails form there I started the hunting channel online and my TV show days in the wild

4) You’re a writer, you do podcasts, you have a TV show – which is the hardest for you and why?

The TV show is by far the most time consuming and has the highest cost to produce which consequently requires me to spend a lot of time selling sponsorships. Obtaining sponsors is my least favorite thing to do but is a necessary evil and takes up the brunt of my time.

5) What’s your proudest hunting achievement?

Although I’m very proud of my Ibex there’s not any one trophy or animal that I have taken that makes me feel “proudest “because they are all equal in my eyes although I’d have to say what I’m most proud of is my consistent success rate for the last 10 years has been over 75% and I typically do 12 hunts a year

6) You’ve traveled a lot, killed a lot of game – what’s still on your bucket list?

This interview isn’t long enough lol… my top three right now are moose, mountain goat, and red stag

7) Whats your favorite thing to hunt?

Whatever is in season and I have a tag for. But if you have to make me choose only one species to hunt for the rest of my life it’s a toss up for me between whitetail and elk

8) What’s the hardest part of working in the hunting industry?

Having to chase down sponsorship money and having to constantly be selling yourself . I hate having to go hat in hand asking for money. I’m not a salesman and unfortunately in this industry being a salesman is more important than being a good hunter. But a close second is always being under scrutiny; there is always someone ready and waiting to point out what you did wrong.

9) What are some of your product affiliations?

Mathews, Swhacker, Sneektec, Goldtip

10) What are some big upcoming projects for you?

I am working on a new film right now, it’s a South Dakota spot and stalk archery whitetail hunt I hope to have it ready by May 2017 but other than that my main focus right now is my Podcast Interviews with the Hunting Masters its growing really fast and I’d like to keep up the momentum . I really enjoy the medium almost better than filming. I get to interact with my peers and fans, share info, and I get to do it as often as I like.

I’d really like to thank John for taking time out of his busy schedule to chat with me about all the cool stuff he has going on.

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