Editor Disclosure: I personally know Jim and Terry very well, and have been asked to join the Board of Directors of the new group ~DesertRat

New Willdlife Conservation Group Launched in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ (01 February, 2018) – Arizona Mule Deer.Org (AMD), whose focus is the recovery of Mule Deer in the state, has announced their entry into the ranks of other notable conservation groups in Arizona. Although AMD is new, they bring into the new organization an experienced core leadership group and a cadre of excited volunteers ready to get to work. Former Mule Deer Foundation Board of Directors member Jim Lawrence and former MDF Arizona Regional Director Terry Herndon, have teamed up to tackle the tough issues that face the Mule Deer population in Arizona. Lawrence states, “Both Terry and I are excited to be a part of this new venture; we’ve received strong support from Arizona Sportsmen along the ranching community and other groups with a vested interest in helping Arizona’s mule deer populations.”

Over the past 6 years, Jim and Terry have made a considerable impact on the wildlife conservation front in Arizona. “During our tenure with MDF, we completed more conservation projects than any other group in the state”, says Herndon. Both Lawrence and Herndon state emphatically the key to their habitat improvement success in Arizona is simple….great volunteers.

“AMD has hit the ground running and best of all, 100% of our fundraising dollars will stay right here in Arizona” says Lawrence. “We’re blessed to have a great Board of Directors at AMD, including some of Arizona’s top sportsmen, ranchers and business leaders are focused on the success of the organization”. AMD takes great pride in their growing volunteer base, who can be found most weekends repairing a wildlife drinker or redeveloping a spring in the Arizona’s backcountry.

The leadership at Arizona Mule Deer is also proud of their unique relationship with the Arizona Game and Fish Department. “Our close relationship with AZGFD has been a great partnership from the beginning.” says Herndon. He goes on to state that “Working with AZGFD and their expertise in managing Arizona’s wildlife resources, is how we get conservation done.” Although Arizona Mule Deer is a newcomer to the scene, the group plans on making an immediate impact on mule deer herds in Arizona.

About Arizona Mule Deer.Org
Arizona Mule Deer is an Arizona Conservation group focused on efforts to restore, grow and preserve Arizona’s mule deer. These efforts include a multi-pronged approach including fundraising which goes towards education, biology, habitat preservation and habitat improvement.