First off, a big “Thank You” to Tom Caldwell, one of the owners at Blue Rooster Ranch in Snowflake, Arizona for taking some time out to answer some questions about his ranch.Tom runs the ranch along with Jace and Lindsey Baum. ~DesertRat

Tom Caldwell, on the left.

1) How long has your ranch been open?
We opened in November of 2017

2) What made you decide to go into this type of business?
A passion for hunting! I have had some of the best experiences of my life hunting with my sons and my friends and family and in Arizona if you don’t get drawn (which is often) you would have to go to Texas or hunt predators; this is another option that is badly needed in Arizona.

3) What are some benefits in hunting a ranch like yours?
Benefits – you get to see a lot of different animals, you can hunt these amazing canyons where ancient Indians hunted, you can see petroglyphs and more. You are able to hunt different terrain from high desert to big prairies and awesome canyons. You’ll have a lot of encounters and adventures out here. Oh – There are no seasons, no tags and no limits!

4) There can be a stigma attached to ranch hunts. What would you say to people (hunters, especially) that say negative things about ranch hunts?
This is one I am passionate about. This is not the same as an elk hunt or hunting the strip for monster muleys with a bow. On the other hand, hunting these wild pigs with a bow is extremely difficult, so many hunters may not be able to get to hunt like without this kind of opportunity, especially kids and people with disabilities. I have seen the joy and excitement first hand and it is just a different part of hunting. I think we should unite as hunters when so many would take that privilege away we should be looking to be more inclusive and less exclusive. I think most who have a negative opinion about this type of hunting have never been to a ranch. If they had, they would see it for what it is – another (different) hunting opportunity.

5) Are there many regulatory requirements to having all those different species on your ranch?
Yes many things – special use permit from the County, several meetings with leaders of Arizona Game and Fish and the Department of Agriculture. There’s been tons of legwork to do with many things and also related to animals we can’t have at this time.

6) OK – I’ve always wondered – all of those weird looking sheep – what do they taste like??
The sheep are my personal least favorite; the pigs are great and the Buffalo amazing, but the sheep can be good if prepared properly.

7) What types of animals do you have available?
We have 16 different species of sheep and goats including Texas Dahls, corsican Rams, Barbados, mouflan hybrids, ibex hybrids, Billies, Hawaiian blacks, rambouilet, churros, Marinos, Jacobs 4 horns painted desert, and many more we also have hogs and Russian hybrids, and feral hogs, Bison, Asian water buffalo, Watusi, zebu a small wild bull from India, it’s awesome to come and see what we have!

8) Anything else you’d like my readers to know about your ranch?
Our goal was to make a unique hunting experience that would be fun and challenging for everyone. All ages invited! We wanted to make a place that people could hunt year-round. Book your hunt or stay at the Lodge and make lasting memories.

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