A big tip of the hat to Danielle Grobmeier and the folks at Lavidge for reaching out to me about this book and connecting me with the author! ~DesertRat

Seasoned Fisherman Releases Beginner’s Guide to Growing, Catching Trophy Bass
Robert Earl Woodard twines personal anecdotes with tried and true techniques in new book

BLOUNTSVILLE, Ala. (Feb. 12, 2018) – An experienced bass fisherman, whose video of him catching a more than 16-pound bass by hand went viral in 2016, has published his practical beginner’s guidebook to growing and catching trophy bass.

In “Eye to Eye with Big Bass: ‘Let Her Go! She is Just Another Big Fish!’,” author Robert Earl Woodard details the bass movements, behavior and feeding patterns that factor into a successful catch and delineates his own lake construction and management practices, which he uses to grow trophy bass and house his pet bass. Woodard also delivers colorful accounts of his numerous Alabama fishing trips and reflects on the nuanced techniques he’s acquired over decades of catching and interacting with bass.

“I want this book to give the reader an understanding of the tools and strategies I used to find success in my fishing career so that they can take that knowledge on their next fishing trip – hopefully to catch their own trophy,” Woodard said.

Peppered with entertaining anecdotes and nostalgic photographs that span Woodard’s more than 50 years of fishing, “Eye to Eye with Big Bass” offers new fishermen and fisherwomen an easy-to-follow introduction to the art of recreational bass fishing, aquaculture and pond and lake management.

“Eye to Eye with Big Bass: ‘Let Her Go! She is Just Another Big Fish!’”
By Robert Earl Woodard
ISBN: 9781546213062 (paperback); 9781546213055 (electronic)
Available through the AuthorHouse Online Bookstore

About the author
Robert Earl Woodard has more than five decades of experience catching and growing trophy bass. Currently retired, Woodard spent 38 years as a physical education teacher and sports coach and holds a master’s degree from Auburn University. He is also the author of “The Way It Was Back Then: Short Stories From a Country Boy” and currently resides in Blountsville, Ala. To learn more, please visit the author’s YouTube Channel

Interview With Robert Woodard

Publicist Danielle Grobmeier from Lavidge was kind enough to facilitate an interview with Mr. Woodard:

1) This book doesn’t just talk about catching bass, it talks about growing them too – what prompted you to write the book?
Everyone always wanted to know how I caught the big bass, what did I catch it on, and where did I catch it. Hopefully I answer these questions in my book. Many people ask me about management of ponds and lakes. That prompted me to write about the lake management that had worked for me and address those questions in my book.

2) What is the biggest mistake new bass fisherman make?
The biggest mistake a new bass fishermen might make is not understanding the proper presentation of the bait in the strike zone. Also, not understanding bass feeding patterns based on seasons and weather conditions. All of these questions are addressed in the book.

3) Do you fish smallies too? If so, what are some of the biggest differences in fishing strategies?
No, I only fish for largemouth bass.

4) In catching big bass, what do you feel is the most overlooked or under-utilized technique?
People overlook structure that hold big bass because they don’t slow down and approach the cover and structure properly. One of the most under-utilized techniques is choosing the right baits for the seasons and using current and wind to your advantage.

5) Is growing a quality bass population hard? If someone wanted to try, what are the minimum requirements for the pond?
It is not that hard, it takes a lot of planning, time, money, and proper management to grow the bass to reach their potential. The minimum requirements are you must have a good source of water, forage for your bass, and proper management for the lake to reach its potential.

6) You’re a bass guy but what else do you like to catch?
I like catching big bluegill and catfish.

7) What’s the big fishing trip on your bucket list?
Maybe a trip to the Big O in Florida or Lake Fork in Texas.

A huge “Thank You” for Mr. Woodard taking time out to answer some questions. I strongly encourage you to check out his book!