Firebud Brands Presents – Pow Pow Sauce
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I need to again extend a “Thank You” to Firebud Brands for sending me some of their products to review. I’d invite you to read about their great rub and one of the best sauces I have reviewed – Salvation Sauce.

With that, we’re on to Pow Pow Sauce. Per Firebud, Pow Wow Sauce “is an Asian-inspired gourmet marinade and cooking sauce. It blends the sweet of pineapple juice from the Hawaiian Islands with the savory of soy, ginger and garlic from Southeast Asia. This versatile condiment can be used to complement all types of food, including: beef, chicken, pork, seafood and veggies.

Pow Pow Sauce© packs a punch of pure umami enlightenment…Enjoy!!

When I tested the sauce, I used it as a marinade – once on chicken and once on pork chops. I love teriyaki-type marinades and Pow Pow didn’t disappoint. It had the typical teriyaki flavor with additional layers of complexity and flavor. The flavor was deep and rich and full of complex notes. The grilled chicken ended up great!

I marinated the pork chops for about 6 hours in the fridge, in a leak-proof container. I turned it over every hour or so. Then I grilled the chops over charcoal. I love grilled pork chops. I love pork chops and teriyaki. Pork chops grilled that have been marinated in Pow Pow Sauce? Out-standing!!!

This is another hit from Firebud. The sauce is rich and flavorful, and just the right thickness for marinating or basting. The flavor profile is big and complex – clearly they don’t take shortcuts on ingredients. The bottle sells for around 7 bucks and it is worth it. If you like Asian-inspired flavors on your meats – I’d highly recommend Pow Pow Sauce.

Oh – and the best part? Pow Pow Sauce© is made with 100% All Natural Ingredients and is a Gluten Free, High Fructose Corn Syrup Free and Preservative Free Product. Good stuff.

Trout Pico de Gallo
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Recently I want on a relatively rare fishing trip and as a result I came into possession of some Rainbow and Tiger Trout. Wanting to do something a bit different, I recalled my friend John Greiss touting something called “Trout Pico de Gallo”. From Wikipedia (I know – not necessarily the best source. In this case, though – sufficient)

In Mexican cuisine, pico de gallo also called salsa fresca, is a fresh, uncooked salad made from chopped tomato, onion, coriander leaves, fresh serranos (but jalapeños or habaneros may be used instead), salt, and key lime juice. Other ingredients may also be added, such as shrimp or avocado.

I fried the trout in olive oil, and then removed the crispy skin, setting aside for my dogs who had waited patiently for a treat. I then carefully deboned the fish right in the pan. With trout, you can list the spine out gently and most of the bones will come out with it. I then broke up the meat and set it aside to cool.

While the meat was cooling I chopped up white onion, Roma tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, and jalapeno. I tossed together with salt and lime juice and then added the trout and tossed again.

This was a huge hit. My family and coworkers all loved it. It’s healthy too. This pico was bursting with flavor and the trout was a perfect addition of protein – mild and a great texture.

Of course, I’m a traditionalist too – I had to pan fry a few the old-fashioned way. Dredged in cornmeal, flour salt and pepper, and fried in butter. mmmmmmmmmmm

Kyvan Hot Wing Sauce A Hit
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I’d like to thank the good folks at Kyvan for sending me some of their sauces to try. You may have read my previous review of their Sweet BBQ Sauce.

Hot Wing Sauce was a little bit more challenging for me to review as I rarely (if ever!) make chicken wings. That’s OK – between me and Google, we “got er done”! I don’t have a fryer, so I oiled up the wings, seasoned with salt and pepper, and baked on a wire rack in the oven at 400 degrees until they were crispy.

I took the wings out and tossed them liberally with the Hot Wing Sauce.

So, I love chicken wings but I usually order them “Medium”. I was concerned about this sauce being “Hot”, but it was OK. They were definitely Hot, but not Inferno. The flavor of this sauce had lots of depth and complexity, which I like. Some sauces are just heat and not much else. The heat was latent; you don’t get it right away. There is a tanginess to this sauce and wayyyy in there somewhere, just a kiss of sweetness. What a great sauce!

If you like to make your own wings, definitely give Kyvan Hot Wing Sauce a try. You can but it online at the Kyvan Store. It runs $4.69 per bottle for a pretty large bottle. This is a great deal!

More “Field To Table”
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Many of my readers know I am also a hunter, and have a sister website which talks about hunting. In 2014, I killed my first elk and even though he wasn’t huge, the meat has lasted nicely. I’m down to the last couple of packages and spied a Tri Tip in my freezer.

Now, Tri Tip is a challenge for me to get right when it is beef, but I gave i a whirl and it didn’t turn out half bad. I marinated it, then used Montreal Steak Seasoning on a hot grill.

So… not all of my stories are success stories. Just like I was worried, I overcooked it. So I sliced it thin and threw it in the oven with some apple juice and sweet BBQ sauce. THEN – it came out really nice. Not what I wanted in the beginning, but nice nonetheless.

Alabama Salvation Sauce – Is Exactly That!
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I have reviewed a lot of products over the years. Almost all were good products. That being said, I can count on one hand the ones that were good enough that I needed to keep ordering. Alabama Salvation Sauce from Firebud Brands is an amazing concoction.

First off, the sauce is unusual. It is tangy. It is horseradishey. It is sweet. It is complex. This is probably the most unique sauce I have sampled to date. And everybody loved it. Next, it is made of all natural products. It is a very versatile product as well.

I’ve used it on baked chicken breasts. I’ve used it on beef and pork. It adds a whole new dimension. This stuff was a hit in my house and it went fast. I’ll be ordering more.

From the Firebud Brand website:

Our white BBQ sauce is a mayonnaise-based sauce with a hint of horseradish for a kick! This regional sauce from northern Alabama goes great with chicken, turkey, seafood and salads. It also puts a new spin on your favorite pork, beef and lamb dishes. Try it on a baked potato, substitute it for mayonnaise in your next chicken salad or get crazy and mix it in with ground beef for an epic burger experience.

Alabama Salvation Sauce© is made with 100% All Natural Ingredients and is a Gluten Free, High Fructose Corn Syrup Free and Preservative Free Product.

The sauce runs about $8 per bottle and it is worth every penny. You can order online here: SHOP

A big shout out to the Firebud Team for sending me some of their products to review. This one was a home-run! You can read my review of their rub here: Body Buzz Rub