Learning More About Salsa Maya
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I’m really hoping that you read my review on Salsa Maya. What a great product! Well, I was so impressed with this great product that I wanted to learn more about their company.

A huge “Thank You” to Victoria Gonzalez for taking some time out to answer questions about her company! ~DRR

1) How long have you been in business? How did you decide to go to market with this product?

Victoria – Salsa Maya became an idea in 2012 and we began the process of starting a new company but it wasn’t until 2014 that I was able to do it full time and we began placing it in the market. Salsa Maya has been loved by many members of our family and friends. It got to a point where we would make gallons for our friends because they kept on running out and stealing all of our tupperware, so that was when we decided that if we had so many people hooked, why not develop this Salsa Maya and share our product with the world? At the time when we were developing the idea I was at The Culinary Institute of America studying to be a chef and I saw it as a perfect opportunity to follow my time at this prestigious school.

2) The product is amazing! Is it an old family recipe? How did you come up with it?

Victoria – Salsa Maya is an old family recipe and I do not remember a time were the habanero aioli wasn’t on our table. Obviously back then it was just called the salsa and it was made by my Dad weekly. We actually named it Salsa Maya because in 2012 when we were developing the idea it was the end of the Mayan Calender and it was a perfect way to begin a new era.

3) One thing that was interesting to me in your literature is the health benefits of habaneros – can you talk about that?

Victoria – As a Chef, I have to be conscious of what I serve and for Salsa Maya to taste great it has to have the best ingredients. People are becoming a lot more aware of what they put in their mouth which is great. This isn’t a fad, it is a way of living and I feel that it was a custom that was lost with mass production. So I like to share the information and health benefits of the habanero so people learn more about Salsa Maya and learn that the habanero isn’t just a “really hot scary pepper”. The habanero has incredible health benefits, which comes to no surprise when you learn the indigenous people consume it in their everyday diet.

4) Do you think you will diversify and develop new products, or are you going to stick with this?

Victoria – As a company of course, we want to keep on growing and developing new products. It is in our goals to develop more great tasting products and of course keeping the Deliciously Spicy flavors going. Many people ask us if we would make a mild version, but until this moment we really enjoy our habanero aioli and when we develop a mild product maybe it will be something different.

5) If someone had never heard of your product, what would you want them to know?

Victoria – As I mentioned before, this is our first year in the actual market and we are trying to reach as many people as possible. I would want the people who are just learning about Salsa Maya to know that it is a Deliciously Spicy sauce and it goes great on everything and it serves many uses while cooking. Salsa Maya can be used as a marinade, dip, spread, dressing and many other ways. Salsa Maya is full of flavor and yes it is spicy but it won’t overwhelm your palate and will enhance your food without overpowering it.

6) Are you nationwide? What is the best way to buy?

Victoria – We are trying to sell nationwide, but everything comes with time and we aren’t trying to rush it. I am really enjoying this process of growing and growing with my company. I do believe we have grown a lot in these past months. Currently we are selling in certain cities in Texas and Colorado. Visit our web page www.salsamayaus.com – we like to hear from people who want to see it in a store near them and we are trying to enter as many states as possible in order to get it to our customers. To make it accessible for the rest of the country we sell it through the help of many great online companies who love Salsa Maya for example; iBurn, Texasfoods, JustEnoughHeat, and others who are in the process of selling it through their online stores.

I truly hope that everyone enjoys and loves our product and hopefully one day it can become to many families what is has become for us!

Thanks again to Victoria! You can also find them on Facebook

How To Load Your Man Cave With the Right Snacks
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I’d like to thank Maryam and Sue at RMD Advertising, and especially the good folks at Rudolph Foods for reaching out to me and offering info about their company, recipes, tips for stocking your man cave with snacks and even some goodies for a contest!

Also – I’m going to do an interview with company founder Mark Singleton!

So while you’re waiting for the contest (wanna win free pork rinds??), go ahead an poke around the Rudolph sites:



Check out yummy recipes, huntin’ stories and more – MAN TALES

Review – Espresso Bean Balsamic BBQ Sauce
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You may have read my review of the Queen Creek Olive Mill, a cool local attraction. I was there picking up a gift a few weeks ago and saw some BBQ sauce that I really had to try!

Coffee (espresso) is one of my favorite flavors when it comes to barbecue. I love it in sauces, and I especially love it incorporated into rubs, so I was anxious to give this sauce a try.

It was amazing! You get the deep, rich notes of espresso – they weren’t stingy, but it doesn’t overpower the sauce either.I also loved the tangy, swirling flavor of balsamic – those 2 flavors are the perfect partners! This sauce has exactly what I enjoy – complexity. It’s cool t take a bit of something and have a whole bunch of different flavors bouncing around in your mouth!

The sauce is thick, with some chunks in it too – this isn’t some goop that was pureed to death.It is a great consistency, and very flavorful. I have used it on pork, on chicken and even in some sandwiches!

Although the Queen Creek Olive Mill is a local attraction, you can absolutely buy online too! Visit their store – I guarantee you could spend an entire morning or afternoon browsing online just like you could at their real store in Queen Creek! You can learn more about their great sauces here: Herbs, Spices & Sauces

Food Porn
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As I wait for some more interviews to wrap up, and some more products come in for review, it occurred to me that I have made some pretty tasty stuff over the years!

Salsa Maya – A Review
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I review a lot of good products on this site. As a matter of fact, regular followers of The Dry-Rubbed Rat may be a bit suspicious regarding the fact that I have never posted a bad review. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. First, due to time constraints, this site gets the lowest volume of content, of all my sites. I just am not pushing a ton of product reviews here. Second, I’m pretty selective on what products I review. I try to reach out to companies who have interesting and/or yummy looking products.

All that to say that Salsa Maya may just be the most interesting, the hottest, and the most flavorful product I have reviewed yet. Salsa Maya is an habanero aioli and it’s amazing.

I’m gringo through and through, born and raised in eastern Canada. “Spicy” to me used to be “salt and pepper”. Having lived in Arizona for nearly 17 years though, my palate has toughened up and I usually choose “medium” spicy – whether it’s Thai food, Mexican, or whatever. Habanero anything is a bit intimidating to me. That being said, I was intrigued. I reached out to the folks at Salsa Maya via their Facebook page and pretty soon Victoria Gonzalez kindly had a bottle on the way to me. I had a feeling about this, and couldn’t wait to try it. Honestly, my first taste was mixed in with a little bit of plain jasmine rice my wife and daughter had cooked up for something else. I was hooked!

Photo courtesy of Salsa Maya

The flavor profile in Salsa Maya is very complex (to me). My wife and I had a discussion at the dinner table. I said “I love this stuff, but I’m not sure I can describe it”. Make no mistake, it is hot. But it’s not overwhelmingly so. The garlic and the creaminess of the aioli smooth out that heat so it’s not simply hitting you in the face. If you’re an aficionado of hot stuff, you’ll like this. If you can handle up to “medium” in the spiciness category, I think you will be able to enjoy this too. There are a ton of flavors bouncing around in this smooth, creamy heat. I’m loving it honestly, and using it on everything.

I made a fried egg and pastrami sandwich today (my “cheat” meal for the weekend) and smeared it all up with Salsa Maya, My wife mixed it in with tuna the other day to make a tuna salad sandwich. This is gooooood stuff….

Wondering what you’d do with it? Salsa Maya has taken some of the mystery out of that conundrum by providing a recipe page on their website along with product info, nutritional values (calories and all that stuff) and some pretty interesting information about the health and dietary benefits associated with habaneros.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how many different things this will work with. I think I’ll be ordering some more soon. If you’re looking for something hot, or something different, or something that pairs well with everything from steak to fish to sandwiches – I really, really recommend you try some Salsa Maya.

Thanks again to Victoria – look for a company profile and interview coming up in the future.