When chicken thighs or split breasts are on sale, I stock up on them so I can put them to work later on my reviews. I have reviewed sauce from Uncle Joe’s before, but I had some more to try and I had promised Sandy Griffin over at Uncle Joe’s that I would get another review posted soon. I’m excited about my new role at Outdoor Hub, so what better first post by The Dry-Rubbed Rat than a review of a real cool, real tasty sauce…

I started by thawing the chicken and rubbing heavy on both sides with Sweet Rub from my good friend Obie over at ObieCue. You wanna know anything about “low n slow”, talk to Obie.

I let the rubbed chicken sit all morning in the fridge. After lunch, I fired up the smoker, and got the chicken on the smoker. Got her up to the sweet spot of 225 and went to work on my honey-do list.

The cool thing about Uncle Joe’s BBQ Sauce is that it comes in a bag, as dry ingredients. You add liquid, heat to thicken and “Voila”! Trust me, when you first see that bag of ingredients you think “There’s no way this sauce is gonna be worthwhile”.

For this day, I chose the Honey Mesquite. I mixed the ingredients per the directions and then heated in the microwave to thicken.

This sauce turned out rich, thick and flavorful. It was sweet but had just a touch of heat as well. Seriously, this sauce was excellent and well beyond my expectations. As the chicken neared completion, I opened the vents up wide and stated to baste with my Uncle Joe’s Honey Mesquite sauce.

This chicken turned out great, and the sauce was the star of the show. Honestly, “BBQ Sauce in a Bag” is a bit of an odd concept. You’ll try it becasue it’s quirky – you’ll keep using it because it is a legitimate sauce. Great flavor, great thickness, great color. You can also try their Southwest, Original and Chipotle.

Buy online here: Unce Joe’s Store