Remember the folks over at Hack’s BBQ? Well, they are still at it – changing the recipe to be better, all natural and healthier – all the while keeping that same great taste!

Here is the latest:

Update from the Kitchen Hack

It has been several months since dryrubbedrat kindly let me be a guest blogger to announce new changes coming to Hack’s BBQ Sauce. In the time since then, I expected to create a great tasting all natural equivalent to Hack’s which I would introducing now. Instead, the development has been more difficult that I first thought. I don’t know why I figured I could do it quickly. It took 2 years to perfect Hack’s BBQ Sauce! What was I thinking?

While I don’t have a new sauce to introduce yet, the past several months have still been fruitful. I’ve learned alot about different flavors and how they work together and with different types of meat. I’ve gotten some great feedback from family and friends who have suffered through many tastings and discussions. From all this, I think we are definitely heading in the right direction. One of the side benefits of this process has been the reformulation of the original Hack’s BBQ Sauce. We were able to remove a substantial amount of the high fructose corn syrup without affecting the taste. This improved sauce is now being sold on our website and will hit the local stores in a few weeks.

Because customers just love the way Hack’s BBQ Sauce tastes, my original goal was to make the all-natural version taste exactly the same as the original. I see now that this is not a realistic goal. The all-natural sauce will definitely have a different flavor, and that’s OK. But I won’t consider the new sauce ready until it has the same quality of taste as the original. That way, I know my customers will be absolutely delighted when they crack open a bottle for their next barbecue.