Well, I was really psyched by the offer from the folks at North Carolina Barbecue Company to send me the 2 types of NC Barbecue to try.Having BBQ flown across the country was a first for me, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The food was flown in a sturdy styrofoam cooler packed with dry ice. Meat was packaged “boil in a bag” style, as were the cornbread hushpuppies. Cole slaw was in typical coleslaw containers, sauce was bottled. Fixins were included for both regional styles of BBQ – Piedmont and Eastern. There was Piedmont meat, coleslaw and sauce; and the was Eastern meat, coleslaw and sauce. Everything was color-coded so you couldn’t mix them up. The box was packed with an informative pamphlet and thorough reheating instructions.

As mentioned, reheating was easy. Hushpuppies in the oven, meat was “boil in a bag”.

I really can’t thank the folks at The North Carolina Barbecue Company enough. This was probably the most fun and interesting review I have done to date, and the whole family weighed in on the debate! I prepared the sandwiches as described, meat, sauce and slaw on a bun. We each had a sandwich and some hushpuppies. My wife and daughter had a blast evaluating the two types – both were delicious. Sauce (referred to as dip) is very thin compared to conventional sauces, clear and vinegary. Piedmont styles had a bit more kick in sauce, meat and coleslaw. My wife and daughter gave the slight edge to the Eastern style; for me, it was practically a coin toss. I loved them both. The meat was savory, the sauce was tingly and adding slaw to the sandwich is a visionary touch.

This package we got was deceiving in regards to portions. We each got one sandwich of each style Saturday night. We all got one of each sandwich Sunday night and I had enough left over to take some to work on Monday. My co-workers loved the food as well.

We got the Small “Battle Box”, which features all the fixins for both styles. It retails for around $65. I need to say, this would make an awesome gift – either as a corporate gift, or for a family member that loves BBQ. They ship food all over the country. I highly recommend the food from The North Carolina Barbecue Company. Try it – you absolutely will not be disappointed!