Chicken Thighs were on the menu last weekend, and boy did they turn out nice! A tip of the cap to the folks at The Dizzy Pig BBQ Company for sending me a whole bunch of their awesome rubs to sample. For this project I settled on Swamp Venom. You could tell this rub was made of quality ingredients – very fresh aroma, with all of the different components poking out. Bright, fresh and flavorful. This rub has some Cajun and Southwestern influences. It has some heat for sure, but the flavors are well-balanced. I rubbed the chicken thighs liberally and set them back in the fridge for about 5 hours. I was smoking some pulled pork for later in the week, so wanted to do some thighs for dinner that night. With the pork getting a 4-hour head start, I then put the chicken on the top rack of the smoker.

About 3 hours in, the thighs were almost done. I cranked the heat for the home stretch. I was lucky enough to have some SuckleBusters sauce on hand, so the chicken got basted with that. After about 45 minutes, I did something I have never done before – cranked up the oven in the kitchen and finished the chicken at 475 in the oven.

The Sucklebusters sauce I chose was the Sweet Spicy Mustard Gold sauce. What a terrific sauce. Lots of tang, lots of bite, lots of sweet – it paired well, actually, with the Swamp Venom.