I just had to ask, and Tiffany laughed as she began to tell the story of how her and her husband Lee ended up living in a pole barn/house.

“Lee drew it, to be honest. We were out at a bar one evening and he drew it on a napkin. Its so funny because we were never going to live here, we never started out doing this. We lived up in Minnesota and we had a very nice life up there. Lee had a very good job up there, and I had a good job up there. This wasn’t something we were actually going to do.Our house that we live in now was just going to be a hunting shack where we would come down on the weekends and when we had time off. So once Lee had quit his job, we were like wow, we better make this alittle nicer so we just made it alittle nicer inside. Still as a whole, we dont have a basement and everybody has basements where we come from! We only have two bedrooms, our closets are small – its nothing we would’ve necessarily designed if we were ever going to live here like this. So yes, we were just at a bar one day having a cocktail, and Lee drew it on a napkin! “

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