Nic Barca is a hog hunter and wildlife biology (or something like that ) student in Hawaii.  I’ve long sat and drooled over his stories of hunting in the islands for wild hogs, goats, and wild cattle (don’t laugh… these cattle are wild and rank… the poor man’s Cape Buffalo).  It’s not just that he gets to do all this great hunting, it’s the beautiful place where he’s doing it!

Anyway, Nic has been doing some video work in addition to his hunts and stories.  Most of them are worth seeing, and if you take a look at YouTube and look up nbarca, you can find some great stuff.  But when I saw this video that lays out the process for gutless field dressing, I thought it was worth sharing.  I’ve used the method on elk, deer, and hogs, and it’s worked great.  Folks have asked me about it, and while I’ve explained it, maybe seeing it on video will make it a little more clear.

So, without further ado…


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