I’ve mentioned more than once that I’m from North Carolina, and a handful of readers have asked about wild hog hunting opportunities there.  I don’t have a ton of info on that, because at the time I left about 13 years ago, most NC hog hunting took place up in the mountains (where you can still chase the descendents of some of the first European wild boar released in this country).  Nowadays, as with many other parts of the country, NC is seeing a surge in the number of feral hogs around the state… particularly in the wake of some of the devastating hurricanes that brought down so many pig farm fences. 

I keep catching stories from here and there about hogs in different parts of the state, the piedmont near Raleigh, the coastal plain up near the Roanoke River, and some of the swamps around my southeastern home.  But as far as telling someone where to go find good hog hunting in my home state… well, I’m generally at a loss.  Until now…

I think I wrote about the Howell Woods hunts a little while back, when the program was just getting underway.  The Howell Woods is a 2800 acre parcel of property that was donated to Johnston Community College.   At the time there was a simple lottery system where hunters could send in a fee (I think it was $10) and get a chance for a hunt.  The other option was to donate some time and labor to the program, and in exchange for your work you’d receive a hunting pass.  Work more, hunt more… it was, and is, a pretty sweet arrangement. 

Anyway, I hadn’t thought about the program in a while, until browsing around I found the NC Game and Fish magazine online, and this great article about the Howell Woods program as it is today.  Looks like the hog hunting is still good, but the program is branching out into deer management with hunts there yielding some really nice bucks.  It’s a great article, and if you’re in NC, or looking to do some hunting there, I strongly recommend giving it a read.  This is a really good opportunity to hunt a quality property for a reasonable price. 

And for the rest of you, I promise, as soon as I find out more good hog hunting locales in NC, I’ll be sure to pass them along to you… just as soon as I get back there and try them out myself, first.