Man, I tell ya… I’m walking my feet to the bone at the SHOT Show to bring everyone the latest and greatest in industry news, and how do I get rewarded?  Everybody else goes hog hunting!  And they did pretty well too!

First of all, there’s Jeff down in the South Carolina low country!  He’s out there putting hunters on the hogs and having a heck of a time at the Cypress Creek hunting club.  To really rub it in, he took a bunch of Tarheels out there, while thisTarheel hung out in a smelly old convention center.  From the looks of the Cypress Creek blog, there are plenty of hogs to kill down there, too!

Not content to kill hogs, Jeff is trapping the fool out of them too.  He even wrote a great blog entry, instructing other hunters on how to trap these smart critters for themselves.  Of course, here in CA, I can’t trap hogs without a depredation permit, so all I can do is look at all that pork in Jeff’s pictures and pout. 

Then I flip through my blogroll and there’s Rex and his cohorts at the Christmas Ranch.  They’ve been slaying the deer down there, and I was OK with that (even though I didn’t get a deer for myself this season), but then he had to go and rub it in with a couple of successful hog hunts!  Rex has been rubbing it in with his blog.  I’m soon gonna have to head down to MS and see if I can’t put an end to a legend… old Scissors!

I’m scared to keep reading through my blogroll, because I bet they’re not the only ones who have been out killing hogs while I slaved away at the SHOT Show.

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