As some of you will know, my friend Albert Rasch is over in Afghanistan as a contractor, doing some sort of important work to do his part for the efforts there.  He’s also doing what he can to keep his blog going, for which I’m grateful (I enjoy his writing).  On a recent post, he came up with a great idea. 

Apparently, when there’s downtime for the folks around the compound, a lot of the guys and gals are looking for distractions that might remind them of their lives back home.  Somehow or other, he found out that yo-yos seem to fit that purpose. It makes sense to me, since I used to spend a lot of time watching my Duncan roll up and down the string.  There’s a meditative aspect to it, and it’s a great way to occupy the hands while the mind wanders. 

Anyway, check out Albert’s post, and his idea… sending yo-yos to the troops!  When you’re done, why not run down to the local toy store, Wal-Mart, or whatever is close by, and pick up a couple to send to the men and women who are marking time so far from home, putting their lives in danger to do a job not many of us would relish.  Albert includes his address in his blog, but I’ll repeat it here just to save you additional steps (let’s make this easy, right?). 

Pack ‘em up and send to:

Albert A Rasch
APO AE 09355

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